• It’s October! And that means I can start sharing Halloween! 👻 🎃 💀 Making the World Cuter is FULL of fun Halloween printables and decor, AND I also have a TON of ideas over on @orientaltrading #fun365. Click the link in my profile to see all the fun from both of the sites. Who else loves Halloween? (And the SNL skit with the little hands 😂 this is what these skeleton backscratchers remind me of!) #halloween #skeleton #skeletonsquad #orientaltrading #snl #tinyhands #punny #freeprintables #halloweentreats
  • I read in a book this weekend something along the lines of “the only thing you get to pick in this life is how to feel”. I choose love. I choose joy. And when I have a grumpy day, or I am feeling sad, I can remember that I am not alone. Not ever. I have a Savior who loves me and is reaching out...so that when I am done feeling sad, grumpy or whatever...I can feel joy and love again. I just have to choose it.
  • Our most favorite game company @grandpa.becks.games sent us a fun package with their new game #antiquityquest to play and we are diving right in! We love all of their games! We have on frequent rotation, Skull King, Cover Your Assets, The Bears and the Bees and Cover Your Kingdom...and I’m sure this one will be a favorite too! What’s your favorite Grandpa Beck’s game? (Or game period? We are HUGE board and card game players at our house, favorite family activity for sure!)
  • Where is your focus? 💕
  • If someone wants to know what it’s like being a mom of boys is like...I would just pee all over their bathroom floor, eat all of the food out of the fridge, tell them 800 stories about Minecraft, fart and giggle about it at least 20 times, and when they were ready to kick me out to the curb...I would just give them a hug and tell them they’re pretty. 😂🤦🏼‍♀️🥰
Being a mom of three boys is an absolute adventure every single day. They fight, they make messes, they love to snuggle when no one is watching and love their mama the most no matter how frustrated she gets. It’s just the best. ♥️
It’s crazy to me as they are getting into their tween and teenage years how I can see the man they are growing into, but also the little boy who still just wants their mommy to tuck them in. 🛌
My oldest is asking for his own room...and while we have the space, I just can’t come to terms with it. 😔 I love having them all in the same room. Even though it’s frustrating to have them talking and laughing way after their bedtime...it’s still so great that they are best friends. 💕 I know taking him out of the room would be the start of that going away. He would lock himself in the room and keep them out. (Based on his personality I know this to be the case). For his own good...and my mama heart ❤️ they are all staying together in the bunk room for now. Plus it’s so dang cute, how could he want to move out?! 😉
Do your kids share rooms?
  • Oh, hi May! Glad to see you. It's gonna be sooo good! 😍⁣
What new intentions, focus and mindset do you choose to have this month?
  • Get ready to have all the May holidays done! These darling DIY mini piñatas are perfect for Cinco de Mayo,🌮 Mothers Day💕  and Teacher Appreciation👩‍🏫! They're actually super easy to make too!⁣
Want to make them even easier? Pick up some fringe scissors ✂ from @orientaltrading (plus they are super fun to use!) Watch for my instagram story to come up where I will show you these and how to make a taco pinata!⁣
Fill them with treats, toys, gift cards...and of course add one of my free printable gift tags that I have available on the site! (I originally shared the how to for these little fruities 🍓🍍🍉 over on @eighteen25girls)
  • It's so interesting to me to think this way. The friends we have in our lives, our families, the people who pop up in our feed or strangers we walk past in the store...none of it coincidence. ⁣
The best part though, is that we get to decide what to do with what has been placed in our lives. Love our family and friends and be grateful for them. Learn from them and hold onto them. When we see strangers in real life or online, we can choose to be kind, say the thing that stands out to us as beautiful in them and change their whole day...or maybe even life. ⁣
I've had so many seemingly random people placed in my life that have made a difference. Just recently I was walking around Hobby Lobby thinking about some stuff that happened and feeling pretty low on self esteem. A woman I had never seen before walked by and told me she just loved my hair and asked how I had done it. I told her, we talked and laughed for a moment and went on our way. She didn't have to say anything, and it's not like she solved the problems I was thinking about, but she changed my day. She got me out of my head and made me realize I have something to give. ⁣
We can choose to be kind. We can choose to learn. We can choose to be grateful.