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Summer is here for me (finally!) and I am living in a swimsuit next to whatever water I can find!
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  • Let’s play a game. 🤗
There are quite a few new faces here! 👋🏼So first of all...THANK YOU for following along. I want to give you all a big hug and say welcome!
👉🏼Now onto the game. I’m going to tell you 5 things about me. I want you to answer which one(s) you connect to! I believe that we are all more similar than different and when we take the time to see how we connect we become better people. Let’s go! 🙌🏼
💕1-My husband is my most treasured earthly relationship. I believe that building and strengthening that relationship is more important than any other...more than other family, friends and even my kids. 💏
🙏🏼2-I believe in and believe Jesus Christ is my Savior. So much. 💕
🤔3-Our circumstances don’t define us. How we grow and learn from our circumstances does. I believe we have power to choose how we think and feel about anything and anyone. I try really hard not to give power to anyone or any experience. (Read my #mtwcdirt posts for more on that). Self improvement is my jam. 👊🏼
🧼 4-I love having a clean house...but more than that I love having a clutter free house. Stuff is just stuff, and the less excess I have the better I feel. Marie Kondo is my spirit animal. 😂
🌳 5-Nature is my happy place. Kayaking, hiking and even just walking around my neighborhood or playing in the backyard with my kids is my most favorite. If the sun is shining and I’m on the river or at a lake with those I love...NOTHING better. 🥰
Okay so that’s a few things about me! Do you connect with any of those? If we were to get together and hang out which one of these could we talk about? 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼 I can’t wait to get to know you better!
  • What are your Fathers Day plans?
We are actually having a surprise birthday party 🥳 at my house for my niece after church...her mom is going to have a baby next week (squeal! 😁) so we wanted to make sure her birthday doesn’t get lost in the shuffle! The hubby’s don’t mind sharing their day...though her favorite food is anything on the BBQ so it wasn’t hard to convince them! 😉
I have some fun Father’s Day printable gifts on my site! I linked to each one in my highlights (the book can be found on @funcheaporfree) if you know which one you want! Perfect for your own kids obviously, but if you teach primary or Sunday school? Done! ✅ Print and give! That’s my kind of gift! And some of them are kinda cheeky...dads who like dad jokes will get a kick out of them! 😆
Which one is your favorite?
  • Part 4: In the spring of 2011 some of the sites for the internships were coming in. The day Chad came home and told me that Bend was one of them I might have cheered! "We're going there! I know it!"⁣
He told me not to get my hopes up. Every other person in the program wanted it too. ⁣
He would come home and tell me the other sites; California, Montana, Arizona, Washington..⁣
He would ask me which ones I wanted to put our name in if we didn't get Bend.⁣
I told him "If we don't get Bend, then it's not meant to be yet and I don't care where we go then. But don't worry, we're going to Bend."⁣
I'm sure it drove him CRAZY! 😂⁣
He didn't want to see me get my hopes dashed, but I was sooo not worried. I really felt that if we didn't get Bend this time, at some time in the future we would go there, and that it didn't matter where we went. But, I was already checking out housing options in Bend and planning our summer outings! ⁣
The day of the draw came and all the families were there to see where everyone was going. I was a little nervous...but I think it was just a nervous energy in the room. I was at peace about whatever happened.⁣
They pulled out the hats. One for site locations and the other for the students. ⁣
Everyone had their own name in their hand to put in to whatever sites they wanted.⁣
The room sat with baited breath as the first location was pulled..."Bend, Oregon!" ⁣
Well we wouldn't have to wait long to see who got it! I think literally every student went up and put their name in that hat. ⁣
I closed my eyes and took a deep breath as they pulled the name out of who was going..."Chad Hewlett!"⁣
I sat in gratitude and wonder as tears streamed down my face...and relief washed over Chads knowing that his wife was not going home that day crushed. ⁣
We were headed to Bend! The place that I had pictured, dreamed of and loved for nearly a year. With all odds stacked against it happening, it was about to become a reality. 💕
  • Part 3: ( See previous two posts to read the rest of the story. -->swimsuit from @rad_swim 💕)
Chad gave me a look that said, 'you're cute' and kind of laughed. "Yeah, that's probably not gonna happen." 😆
He had a point. Bend is a tourist town, it's darling as all get out, has a ton of outdoor activities that you can do year round and is known for it's yummy food and drinks scene...do you know what that means? 💰💰💰
Remember how I said we were poorer than poor. I'm not kidding. We were a family of 5, almost 6 and I think our income that year was under 15k. Gross.😲
Chad was in school and was set to graduate that next summer. He would then have a year UNPAID internship wherever they sent us. They would literally draw a location out of a hat that was available and anyone who had any interest in going to that location would put their name in the hat. If your name was drawn that's where you went! The locations were all over the US and there were 17 students in his class. The likelihood that there would even be a site in Oregon was slim, let alone one in my dream town. 😮
Did any of that stop me from believing that my dream would come true? Heck no! I was DETERMINED to live in Bend. I would picture me walking down the streets of downtown with my kids. I would feel the sun on my back as I kayaked down the river. I would close my eyes and imagine Chad and I walking hand in hand to a yummy local restaurant. I would relive the tastes of the delicious tacos we had when we were there.
I never stopped thinking about it, visualizing it and absolutely believing that I would make Bend our home one day.
-To be continued...
  • Part 2: "When your beliefs match your desires, then your desires must become your reality..."⁣
We were living in a tiny town in Oregon called Klamath Falls while my husband went to school to become a nuclear medicine tech. (How we landed on that...that's a story for another day!). We were poorer than poor. Like laughably poor (because if we didn't laugh we would cry). ⁣
Chad was going to school full time, working at the school part time at night and working crazy hours on the weekends for us to barely scrape by. Luckily we kept a good attitude, knowing that the circumstances were temporary...and we had so much to be grateful for. We learned early on that all we really needed was our little family and we had all we needed to be happy.⁣
We had 3 kids under 6 and I was pregnant with number 4 the first time we drove into Bend, Oregon. My mom was living in Portland, and Bend was about half way in between that and Klamath Falls so we decided to meet up for the day.⁣
We were early, so we drove around for a bit just exploring. I had never seen a more beautiful place in my life. The downtown was charming to say the least. The mountain views were honestly breathtaking. Finally, the river flowing right through the middle of the town full of kayaks, paddle boards and tubes was just incredible. I wanted this place to be where I lived my life.⁣
This was over 9 years ago, and I still can remember the exact feelings and the look on Chad's face as I turned to him and said:⁣
"We are going to live here one day."⁣
to be continued...
  • “A belief is only a thought you continue to think; and when your beliefs match your desires, then your desires must become your reality.” Abraham Hicks
This is so absolutely true!
First of all let's take this kitchen of mine. 🏠
We bought a house that was so 'blah' at first glance. It had been on the market for some time. After about a week of Chad trying to convince me to go look at this house (we had been looking at houses daily for months and months) I finally caved. The photos were blah, the colors were blah, the layout was blah. I decided to keep an open mind as I walked through trying to see it in my head as I would do it. 🤔
I saw this kitchen so clearly. I knew which cabinets had to go, and how I would lay it all out. I could feel deep down that I could make this my dream home. I fell in love with how I felt about that dream home...not with what was already there, but with what I knew it would one day be. So we bought it. I kept that vision in my head, and have stopped at nothing to make it a reality. Nearly 5 years later and almost every room in the house is dreamy, and my kitchen is finally done! The sad little house that was blah...is now my dream home. 💕
All because I believed that it could be, I desired it and put all my attention and energy into making it happen.
Sometimes we don't have as much control over the circumstances like I did in this situation...but we can still make our desires become our reality just by believing with everything that they will happen.
Let me tell you about a time that I had that experience...To be continued... #farmhousestyle #lawofattraction #fixerupper
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