• A little sneak peek of the kitchen I’ve been teasing you with! #ad The only way I can entice my teenage mini me out of her book cave ie: her room, is with tasty treats! 🤤 I love hanging out with this sweet thing...so I am always on the lookout for something new and fun to try. I was able to pick up these @minutemaid_us Smoothie Makers at my local @FredMeyer in the juice box aisle-and they are so easy to make! Just add ice and blend! 🙌🏼 Totally gets my girl to come hang out with me and bonus they’re yummy! 😋 A perfect summertime treat that we will be enjoying all summer long! 🍹 Find them at your @krogerco store. 🛒 #minutemaidatkroger
  • I exercise and eat healthy every single day...except for those times that I don’t! 🤪
This seemed like an appropriate breakfast after my early morning walk and workout today and I’m not regretting my decision!
Life is much too short to not eat the cookie dough 🍪. Not everyday obviously...but you know, on cloudy rainy Wednesday’s in May. It’s a must! #rainraingoaway 🌧
What’s your favorite sweet treat that you just want every now and then?⤵️ #farmhousestyle #cookiedough #honestmotherhood #letterboard #cottagedecor #styleathome #abmathome #cookielove #lovemom #joyfulmama #acupofmotherhood #mombosses #homedecorate #abmhome #walldecoration #feltballs #modernfarmhousestyle #handinframe
  • If someone wants to know what it’s like being a mom of boys is like...I would just pee all over their bathroom floor, eat all of the food out of the fridge, tell them 800 stories about Minecraft, fart and giggle about it at least 20 times, and when they were ready to kick me out to the curb...I would just give them a hug and tell them they’re pretty. 😂🤦🏼‍♀️🥰
Being a mom of three boys is an absolute adventure every single day. They fight, they make messes, they love to snuggle when no one is watching and love their mama the most no matter how frustrated she gets. It’s just the best. ♥️
It’s crazy to me as they are getting into their tween and teenage years how I can see the man they are growing into, but also the little boy who still just wants their mommy to tuck them in. 🛌
My oldest is asking for his own room...and while we have the space, I just can’t come to terms with it. 😔 I love having them all in the same room. Even though it’s frustrating to have them talking and laughing way after their bedtime...it’s still so great that they are best friends. 💕 I know taking him out of the room would be the start of that going away. He would lock himself in the room and keep them out. (Based on his personality I know this to be the case). For his own good...and my mama heart ❤️ they are all staying together in the bunk room for now. Plus it’s so dang cute, how could he want to move out?! 😉
Do your kids share rooms?
  • I eat tacos 🌮 over an empty tortilla, because when the stuff falls out, it’s like BOOM! Bonus taco! 🌮😂
I can’t think of a time when I would say no to go getting tacos. Doesn’t even matter if I just ate. 🤣
I am lucky to live in a touristy town with LOTS of yummy places to eat, and plenty of taco places to keep even me happy! Also this taco sauce {SWIPE} that you can find it in my links in my amazon store, is the best thing to happen to tacos since...well tacos. 🤤 ➖
What food could you always go for?
  • Oh Saturday with your music turned up and the ingredients for chocolate chip cookies 🍪 all laid out and ready for magic...I love you. ♥️ I’m asking a lot of my family today to clear out a lot of the stuff we’ve accumulated and getting some deep cleaning done. I figured bribing with sweets and happy music is a good bet that I will get a few less grumbles. 😉
What are your weekend plans?
  • My dad was a cook his whole life.
He loved coming up with new recipes and he was dang good at it. He worked in many restaurants and we even owned one as a family for a few years. ➖
I got my love of cooking from both of my parents, but some of my fondest memories of my dad were when I was watching him create magic in the kitchen. ➖
You might think that after reading my #mtwcdirt posts that I would hate my dad...and some would even say I had a reason to. Trust me, it’s been a road to get here, and I still have people telling me I should hate him.
The thing is, I don’t. Not at all. ➖
He had his temper, he had his demons and he definitely did things that were unacceptable. ➖
But he had value. He had worth. He had talents and he was a child of the same God that we all are. ➖
He gave me my height and my green eyes. He taught me a strong work ethic. And I got my talent for throwing things in a pot and making something delicious. ➖
In other news...my kitchen is DONE! Hallelujah! Well, except I never did get my fridge after the delivery guys dropped it. 🙄 But the one we have now is functional.
For now...😉
  • The mother said; “If you become a bird and fly away from me, I will be a tree that you come home to.” -Margaret Wise Brown
These humans that used to be tiny call me mom. 😍 And for that I will thank my Heavenly Father for every single day. They are kind, smart and amazing people. I am not worried about them becoming something great...because they already are. 💕💕💕💕
At one time I wasn’t sure that I even wanted my own children. I had three step kids (who are all amazing adult people now), so I felt like I didn’t need to have my own. Wow, was I wrong! These four are pieces of me walking around, sharing love and laughter...and sometimes feistiness and sarcasm. Oh, just realized how much they really are like me!
I love their dad with the truest love I can imagine, but to be a mom...that’s pure love. They can do NOTHING that I wouldn’t forgive them for and love them just the same. Always welcoming them home with a hug and an I love you. 🤗
Happy Mother’s Day to all the ladies out there. Thank you for nurturing and loving your own children...and all those children that aren’t your own. 😘♥️😘
  • My husband asked me what I wanted for Mother’s Day and I told him I just want my kitchen finished!
It’s only needed a couple cabinet doors painted and some caulking and spackling and painting on some trim for like EVER! So that’s what we’re doing today and I am so excited! 🙌🏼 Something about me? My birthday is celebrated for the entire month of January and Mother’s Day is celebrated the entire weekend. I love celebrating me! 😉
To all of you other women out there, Happy Mother’s weekend! Y’all make this world a BEAUTIFUL place to live. 😘 🌟I designed this printable for the @craftingchicks and you can find it in their printable section under Mother’s Day. Print off a sheet, grab some fun beauty products (face masks, nail polish or maybe some scrunchies) and let ALL your favorite mamas that they are doing an awesome job at making the world cuter! 🌺