• Oh Saturday with your music turned up and the ingredients for chocolate chip cookies 🍪 all laid out and ready for magic...I love you. ♥️ I’m asking a lot of my family today to clear out a lot of the stuff we’ve accumulated and getting some deep cleaning done. I figured bribing with sweets and happy music is a good bet that I will get a few less grumbles. 😉
What are your weekend plans?
  • My dad was a cook his whole life.
He loved coming up with new recipes and he was dang good at it. He worked in many restaurants and we even owned one as a family for a few years. ➖
I got my love of cooking from both of my parents, but some of my fondest memories of my dad were when I was watching him create magic in the kitchen. ➖
You might think that after reading my #mtwcdirt posts that I would hate my dad...and some would even say I had a reason to. Trust me, it’s been a road to get here, and I still have people telling me I should hate him.
The thing is, I don’t. Not at all. ➖
He had his temper, he had his demons and he definitely did things that were unacceptable. ➖
But he had value. He had worth. He had talents and he was a child of the same God that we all are. ➖
He gave me my height and my green eyes. He taught me a strong work ethic. And I got my talent for throwing things in a pot and making something delicious. ➖
In other news...my kitchen is DONE! Hallelujah! Well, except I never did get my fridge after the delivery guys dropped it. 🙄 But the one we have now is functional.
For now...😉
  • The mother said; “If you become a bird and fly away from me, I will be a tree that you come home to.” -Margaret Wise Brown
These humans that used to be tiny call me mom. 😍 And for that I will thank my Heavenly Father for every single day. They are kind, smart and amazing people. I am not worried about them becoming something great...because they already are. 💕💕💕💕
At one time I wasn’t sure that I even wanted my own children. I had three step kids (who are all amazing adult people now), so I felt like I didn’t need to have my own. Wow, was I wrong! These four are pieces of me walking around, sharing love and laughter...and sometimes feistiness and sarcasm. Oh, just realized how much they really are like me!
I love their dad with the truest love I can imagine, but to be a mom...that’s pure love. They can do NOTHING that I wouldn’t forgive them for and love them just the same. Always welcoming them home with a hug and an I love you. 🤗
Happy Mother’s Day to all the ladies out there. Thank you for nurturing and loving your own children...and all those children that aren’t your own. 😘♥️😘
  • My husband asked me what I wanted for Mother’s Day and I told him I just want my kitchen finished!
It’s only needed a couple cabinet doors painted and some caulking and spackling and painting on some trim for like EVER! So that’s what we’re doing today and I am so excited! 🙌🏼 Something about me? My birthday is celebrated for the entire month of January and Mother’s Day is celebrated the entire weekend. I love celebrating me! 😉
To all of you other women out there, Happy Mother’s weekend! Y’all make this world a BEAUTIFUL place to live. 😘 🌟I designed this printable for the @craftingchicks and you can find it in their printable section under Mother’s Day. Print off a sheet, grab some fun beauty products (face masks, nail polish or maybe some scrunchies) and let ALL your favorite mamas that they are doing an awesome job at making the world cuter! 🌺
  • I remember the first time I heard the song, "Something Just Like This." I was taking my kids to school and I almost had to pull over because I started crying.😭 My kids were asking me why I was crying and shushed them a bit, so I could hear the words better.
It was just that one line that made my heart speed up. "I want something just like this."
You know when you hear truth and your soul says, "yes!"? That's what this was for me. That might seem silly to find so much in a song lyric, but I did and here's why...
At the time I was in the process of really diving into strengthening my gratitude practices. I was struggling finding more feeling, instead of just the basic making a list of things I was grateful for. This was the missing piece my spirit was trying to tell me. .
Yes, I was grateful for the things I had, but I needed to take it a step further and WANT them. .
This has changed EVERYTHING.
Wanting what I have in my relationships with my family, friends, in my temporal and spiritual blessings...just brings more of those good things.
Sometimes I forget. Sometimes I rush through my prayers or journaling and just make a quick list of "I'm grateful for family, friends, the Gospel, my home, and all my blessings the end." Not a lot of feeling in those repetitive lists.
After all, my brain (just like your brain) is always looking for the next best thing, comparing myself, my relationships, my house, my vacations...to others and where they are in their journey. .
I have to remind myself to stop. Look around, be grateful for what I have right in this moment...and then decide to want it too. 💕
Printable and sign tutorial available on @makingtheworldcuter just search Music Lyrics.
  • I had a friend message me yesterday after she read my last three posts about my dirt I had to grow through. She said that she was glad that I shared my dirt, and wishes more people would share their dirt...because we ALL have dirt.
She said this and I couldn't agree more, "If more people shared their dirt, maybe we wouldn't feel so dirty." YES! 💕
I know that a lot of the things I shared, I SUPER didn't want to share when they were new and raw. It wasn't the time...and no one should be forced to share what they aren't ready to share. We all have to process things differently. But, it is important to share when we can.
Because when we keep all of that inside, it festers and grows and seems bigger than it is. It weighs us down and we give it power to keep us down.
When we share our stories, that weight lessens. It becomes lighter and the power it had over us becomes less and less. Especially if we choose to learn from those experiences and be grateful for them. Until one day, those stories...are just that. Stories.
True stories. Stories that happened. Stories we grew from. Stories we are grateful for. Stories that can help others.
But just stories. 📚
I want that for you. Share your dirt if you can. Look for the good that came out of it. Let it start to become just a story. It doesn't have to be on social media for the world to see if you're not ready. But if you are ready, print out the printable in my profile and share the hashtag #MTWCdirt so that we can find it and give you love. Let's help everyone feel less dirty so that they can bloom. 🌺
  • Part 3: Final Installation of "Every Flower Must Grow Through Dirt"
I didn't handle it well. For a few years, I was messed up. I hated everyone...especially myself. I told myself my only worth was my looks. After all, that's what my dad had told me with his words and actions.
This was just a little bit of the dirt in my life.
It took a lot of people loving me and helping me to find trust and safety in the world after that. I am still a little wary of people and what their motives are. I will tell you this though... I am GRATEFUL for those experiences. Is that weird to say?
It's taken time to get to this place for sure. Like I said, I was messed up.
But, I wouldn't be the person I am today without the dirt. I feel like I have learned true forgiveness, I have learned to rely on my Savior and the Atonement. I have learned that, yes there is darkness in the world, but there is so much more good in the world. I have learned to speak up, to be open about my past...because my past isn't who I am.
My best friend's dad, who happened to by my bishop, once told me something. When we go through these kinds of trials we have two choices. We can either hide away and be angry at the world for the injustice. Or, we can learn, forgive and grow. We can become better because of them. Either way, it's our choice.
I choose to grow. *You can get this printable in my profile (click on get free printables).💕
  • Part 2 of "Every Flower Must Grow Through Dirt": My dad was a cook and my mom did a lot of different jobs to help bring in money over the years. My parents bought a small cafe and moved us to Mayfield, a tiny town with more cows than people when I was 13.My dad had always had a temper, quick to anger, and punish with violence and rage.  I was used to that kind of abuse and learned to stay out of his way. While there, and over the next few years of my life...I started to mature. My dad took notice and started abusing in new ways.
LOTS more dirt.
After the restaurant failed, we moved back to our house that we had rented out. My dad continued the abuse, had gone into a bit of depression after the loss of the business and started drinking.
My parents fought a lot. They divorced when I was 16. Even though I had my problems with my dad, divorce was a confusing thing for me. I wanted to hate him, but I also knew in order for me to feel better I had to forgive him. I didn't know how to do that without letting him back in to hurt me more.
He wanted rights to see my little sister (who I am still fiercely overprotective of) and my baby brother. It was then that I had to tell my mom about the abuse. I had to tell way too many people things I didn't want to talk about at that age. I was forced to talk to police, lawyers, counselors, judges....my bishop. It was humiliating.
Dirtiest Dirt of all.
To be continued...