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Sew Cute Bookmarks


I know that this is an era full of e-readers and electronics, but I still feel that when it comes to reading, nothing beats holding an actual book in your hands. Here's how to sew some fantastic ... [ Read More ]

Basic Sewing Supplies

The Basic Supplies every Sewing Basket Needs

Are you wanting to learn to sew but don't know where to start? New to sewing and not sure you have all of the necessary sewing essentials? Maybe you're a seasoned seamstress who is wanting to pare ... [ Read More ]

Sew a Cute Gift Card Pocket

Gift Card Pocket Tutorial

Today's cute sewing project is a gift card pocket tutorial. Sewing one of these is a great way todressup a gift card. By using different fabrics, you can easily make these fit the theme of your ... [ Read More ]