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Paleo Coconut Donuts | Plain and Chocolate Versions

Paleo Coconut Donuts | Plain and Chocolate Versions

When I started eating a healthier Paleo diet I thought that my Baby Cakes donut maker was going out to pasture, but luckily there are lots of yummy recipes out there that still make it a useful little gadget to keep around! I found this gluten free donut recipe over at Smashed Peas & Carrots, [...]

Strong is the new Skinny Saturday | Week 1


I am starting a REVOLT. Me, along with a BUNCH of other bloggers have been working out hard this week and eating healthier along with the adorable Nichole Huntsman. Nichole is the founder of REVOLT and I really can’t think of a better program for busy stay at home mama’s like myself. I’ve been eating [...]

Paleo Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies

Paleo Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies

Oh how I love me cakey pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, but all the recipes I have found for a Paleo pumpkin chocolate chip cookie have left MUCH to be desired. They are crumbly, and dry and well…you need a glass of milk to get them down. Problem. Milk is not part of a paleo diet. [...]

Paleo Weekly Meal Plans


A lot of you know that my family and I eat a Paleo diet.   It can be a little hard to come up with easy meals that we don’t get bored with. That is why I was really excited that eMeals started offering Paleo meal plans.eMeals doesn’t just have Paleo meal plans, they have [...]

Making the World Cuter Monday | October 15, 2012

Making the World Cuter Link Up Party

It’s definitely getting cold enough to start making soups and chili’s. Since I am eating healthier now I love finding yummy recipes that has leftovers that taste even better over the next few days. Last week I made double batches of cauliflower sweet potato soup, pumpkin soup and this tasty pumpkin chili. I froze the [...]

Paleo Cookie Dough Bars

Delicious Paleo Cookie Dough Bars, no grains, no eggs, just tasty!

So I had an interesting day yesterday.I was driving my kids around when suddenly I started getting phone calls from all of these numbers I didn’t recognize. I didn’t answer, but then I got suspicious so I checked my voice mail.It was my grandma,who thought she was calling my husband.She was in hysterics…about me.She said [...]