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3 Quick Wreaths For Your Front Door | Making the World Cuter Monday

3 Cute and Quick Wreaths that you can make during nap time.

I have a naked confession to make. My front door is naked. Completely. It’s really quite embarrassing. I need to dress it up, so while looking through last weeks link ups, I found three super quick and cute wreaths that I can make during an episode of Vampire Diaries. Sweet! Magazine Wreath @ Simple Joys […]

14 Valentine’s Day Sewing Crafts for you

Sewing Valentine's Day Roundup

It’s that time of year! Lot’s of love to go around, and lots of people to make fun gifts for! I love making gifts for people for Valentine’s Day! From aprons, to pillows, to shirts and toys…I am always looking for something new and fun to sew. Are you looking for something new to sew […]

11 ways to stay ridiculously happy in marriage.


Why 11? Well today my Chad (aka: McDreamy) and I have been married 11 fabulous years. Now I don’t claim to be a know it all marriage expert, but I can say this; I am still so much in love with my husband that I count down the minutes until he comes home every day. […]

Summer Crafts Roundup

This post was written for Making the World Cuter by Kassi Mortensen, our crafty friend of Truly LovelyHey there dolls!!! Kassi here again! I don’t know about you guys, but summer is my favorite time of year! There’s always something going on, but every now and then you get a little time to fit in […]

5 Pinterest Tips for Bloggers

Five Pinterest Tips

I’m sure most of you have found the joy that is Pinterest by now. The visual smorgasbord that helps us waste even more time online, drooling over all the pretties.How many of your pretties are being pinned on Pinterest?First tip… Find out if your blog posts are being pinned. This is actually really easy! All […]

Ombre “do all things with love” printable


This ombre printable and post was created by the fabulous Erika Sennef of Oops I Craft My Pants. Lately I have been having the most random saying floating around in my head… “Do all things with love”…Who knows how it even got there–But, it has kind of been my daily mantra. I even find myself […]

My Life as a Fairytale


Once upon a time there lived a handsome prince. He was handsome and charming…but he was lonely. One day while working on his mode of transportation he saw a fair maiden and thought… Hubba Hubba! So he began to court her. He took her out on romantic dates and even sang to her. The maiden […]

Scratch Off Valentine’s Day Cards

Making the World Cuter Easy Scratch off Message Valentine Day Cards. Pair with a Juice Box!

I am having my kids make their Valentines Cards this week since I am going out of town next week with them. I will be finishing my Associates Degree on Saturday, and I need an escape! I am heading to Portland to hang out with my mom, brother and sister, can’t wait! DIY Scratch Off […]