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Curb Appeal | Make it Cute

Curb Appeal House Number Sign

Do you get the front of your house all spruced up for the Holidays? Maybe a wreath, some lights, a cute topiary?

Making the World Cuter Monday

From our 2009 Christmas morning opening gifts from one another.

It’s already Monday again?!? Thanksgiving is next week?!? Less than 50 days until Christmas?!?

Elf Food Groups FREE Printable


I can’t believe that the holidays are upon us, but I am so excited that they are! I have a big wall space in my kitchen that is just begging for a cute printable to hang up. What better than a food pyramid?A Christmas food pyramid.With a quote from our favorite Christmas movie?

Printable Mother’s Day Card


This free printable mothers day card was made be our graphic gal Erika Sennef. Happy Tuesday every one!I don’t know about you, but I have a pretty great mom. She is awesome and I owe her for every little thing about me that’s good.She is–in one word– Amazing.So, I wanted to make her a little […]