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Phish Fry: Avoiding the Biggest Phishing Scams

We've all seen those emails from friends and family that you just know they didn't send. Or maybe you get a direct message on Twitter from someone telling you that they have a photo of you. Without ... [ Read More ]

Christmas Photo Scavenger Hunt

Christmas Photo Scavenger Hunt

My goal over this Christmas season is to take more photos! You would think as a photographer and blogger I would take plenty of photos, but I feel like I don't take as many "moment" pictures as I want ... [ Read More ]

Making the World Cuter Monday | June 11, 2012

Making the World Cuter Monay

Hello all you cute people! I am having so much fun seeing where you all make your part of the world a cuter place!We have cute makers in the UK, Germany, Canada, Malaysia, Australia, Romania, ... [ Read More ]

Sexy Modest Boutique Giveaway

I am thrilled, ecstatic and overjoyed to bring you this giveaway today! Sexy Modest Boutique is giving away one lucky winner ANY ITEM IN THEIR SHOP! You can choose a new spring dress, maybe some ... [ Read More ]