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Spring Cleaning | Deep Clean Your Whole House in a Week

Clean your whole house in a week and keep it clean

Welcome! This week I am going to be doing things a little bit differently… I am going to show you how I deep clean my house each week. One week of hard work should get you on the right track and make it easy to get a sparkling house and with just a little bit […]

Making the World Cuter Monday | June 25, 2012


I hope your weekend was fantastic! I’ve had some of my very most favorite family members here since last Friday, they just left Sunday morning and we have been playing non stop. My kids have had major overdoses of cousin, grandma and auntie love and are now suffering from withdrawals…but I think I am suffering […]

Punch Cards | Making Chores Fun for Kids

Chore Punch Cards for Kids with Printable

You may remember my Cleaning the House is Fun to Do series from last year. I love when my kids help out around the house without complaint and I love to let them have their own spending money that they earned to buy whatever their little hearts desire. We have been using the same chore […]