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Chewy Chocolate Coconut Bars | Paleo No Bake Cookie Bar

Paleo Chewy Chocolate Coconut Bars

I came up with this recipe the day after Halloween when my husband and kids were stuffing their faces with candy bars full of refined sugars and artificial ingredients that I wasn’t about to allow pass my lips…but at the same time feeling a little blue that I wasn’t eating those delicious Almond Joy bars […]

Back to School Party Ideas + FREE Printables

Back to School Free Printables

This cute printable was created for Making the World Cuter by contributor Bird of Bird’s Party. Yes we lost our dear Erika…she is pregnant and had to slow down, BUT! I am so excited to welcome Bird to the team! She has been one of my favorite bloggers for years, and to say that I […]

10 Gorgeous S’mores Recipes

10 Gorgeous S'mores Recipes

This yummy s’mores recipes dessert board was created for Making the World Cuter by Ashton Swank of Something Swanky. I’m a little bit of a S’mores enthusiast. (check out my S’mores board)I love the comeback S’mores are making on the blogs– from campfire delicacies to works of delicious art.Here are 10 of my favorites s’mores […]