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Pinewood Derby Certificates

Pinewood Derby Certificates Free Printables

Do you have a scout? This is my first year as a scout mom, and as you know the most anticipated night of the year for most scouts is the Pinewood Derby! I got asked if I could make some certificates to hand out to some of the boys for car awards; you know things […]

Visiting Teaching January 2015

Visiting Teaching Message for January 2015 Obedience, Parable of the ten virgins.

f you are wondering what this is, please check this post here. It’s a new year, a new month and a new day…and that means I am still on a mission to be a better visiting teacher. This year they are focusing on attributes of the Savior. I LOVE this! Every month a new attribute to […]

Don’t Eat Pete New Years Eve Game

Don't Eat Pete New Years Game Printable for Kids

It’s almost a new month and that means a new Don’t Eat Pete game! I’ve decided to make one for each month, so that I always have one on hand. So far I have one for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and now I have a New Years Game too. These are the best for classrooms, church […]

Don’t Eat Pete Christmas Game

Christmas Don't Eat Pete

  My kids and my church class have been having a lot of fun with the different Don’t Eat Pete games I’ve been making for the past two months so I knew I needed to make a Christmas one too! Perfect for winter break when the kids will be bored and begging for something to do! […]

Letter to Santa Template

Dear Santa... Letter to Santa free printable

Last year I made this simple letter to Santa template for the kids and shared it. A couple people have asked me where they could find it, and since I kind of hid it in a block party post last year I decided to make it easier to find! Instead of sending them to the North […]

December Visiting Teaching Message

December Visiting Teaching Message Handout. "Prince of Peace"

If you are wondering what this is, please check this post here. It’s time for the final month of the year for visiting teaching…this month is crazy busy for sure, so don’t let the sisters you visit fall through the cracks. Drop off a treat with this sweet message of hope from this month’s visiting teaching […]

Thanksgiving Thankful Tree Printables

Free printables for a cute and bright thankful tree for Thanksgiving! Love the white! What a great centerpiece!

My friend texted me this morning and asked me if I was the one who had the post on thankful tree tags…and I wasn’t. But I wanted to be. I have been wanting to make a pretty centerpiece with a thankful tree in the middle for Thanksgiving next week, but I am doing a white […]

Thanksgiving Don’t Eat Pete Coloring Page

Thanksgiving Don't Eat Pete Coloring Page or colored 4x6 (print them at Costco for cheap!) FREE Printables from Making the World Cuter

Thanksgiving is next week, and if you are like me you will be cooking dinner and trying to keep kids out of from under foot for a good portion of the day! Our Halloween Don’t Eat Pete game was such a hit with my kids and a lot of your kids that I knew I […]

November Visiting Teaching Message Handout

October General Conference 2014 President Monson's talk. You could use this as November's Visiting Teaching Message Handout.

If you are wondering what this is, please check this post here. This month’s message is anything you want to share from October’s General Conference. I chose the talk “Ponder the path of thy feet,” by President Thomas S. Monson. Do you remember that one? It’s the one where he talked about walking as Jesus walked […]

Halloween Don’t Eat Pete Free Printable

Halloween Don't Eat Pete Free printable in color and black and white, also in full size and 4x6 giveaway size! These would make great Halloween giveaways with a bag of m&m's!

You’ve got to love a game that involves eating candy and scaring people! We love to play a good game of “Don’t Eat Pete” around here! This year for Halloween I made a little printable and printed a bunch of these on 4×6 photos at Costco. I am giving them away with m&m’s at our […]