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11 Christmas Photo Tips

11 tips for fantastic Christmas Photos | Making the World Cuter

Christmas is a busy busy time for photographs! Photos with Santa, Photos with family & friends….the list could go on forever. So to help you keep up with the chaos, here are a few Christmas photo ... [ Read More ]

Healing Skin Blemishes in Photoshop


Hello again photog-friends! This post is a quick and simple one on how to heal blemishes or other skin or photo imperfections in photoshop. To show you my examples, I have taken a photo of myself and ... [ Read More ]

How to Photograph Beautiful Catchlights

How to achieve great catch lights in your photos

I often get asked the question, “why does everyone you photograph appear to have such amazing eyes?” The answer is, Catchlights. Catchlights are gleams or shapes of light that are captures in a ... [ Read More ]

How to make a Watermark Brush in Photoshop


As photographers, and momtographers it's important for us to protect our images...and the subjects of our images. I once read a story from a fellow photographer who found one of her photographs of her ... [ Read More ]

Exposure Correction with Photoshop

pallette activation

Great photos of our little ones can be hard to come by, and with the speed at which they move and at which we try to snap those photos, they aren't always taken with the most accurate settings and as ... [ Read More ]

Christmas Photo Scavenger Hunt

Christmas Photo Scavenger Hunt

My goal over this Christmas season is to take more photos! You would think as a photographer and blogger I would take plenty of photos, but I feel like I don't take as many "moment" pictures as I want ... [ Read More ]

Getting Great Background Bokeh Blur


Ever notice that when a great photo catches your eye, you can see how sharp and clear the subject of the image is, yet how blurry the background is behind them? This is key to taking great photos and ... [ Read More ]