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Whole 30 Timeline Calendar

Whole 30 Timeline Calendar Check off Days, and see what the timeline has in store for you. Keeps you motivated to get past those harder days.

Ack! We are starting a Whole 30 tomorrow! For the whole month of September we will only be eating whole foods. No sugar, no dairy, no grains…and since we don’t drink anyway, no alcohol should not be a problem for us. 😉 My husband came to me a few weeks ago and said he wanted […]

Turkey Basil Toasted Bagel

Turkey Basil Toasted Bagel with tomato, avocado and cream cheese. Yum!

This post has been sponsored by Foster Farms, all opinions are my own. I LOVE sandwiches. They are probably my favorite food (after tacos). It’s because sandwiches are so versatile. I can put just about anything delicious between two slices of bread (don’t get me started on how much I love bread) and be perfectly […]

Healthy Recipe | Sunshine Soup and Orange Glazed Doughnut Holes


This sunshine soup and organge glazed doughnut hole post was originally posted last March by my niece and healthy living contributor Graci Hewlett. She always posts AMAZING and really good for you recipes on her Instagram feed, so you should follow her! With all the March Madness going on, I haven’t had all the time […]

17 Soup Recipes | Block Party #20

It's Time for a Block Party! Link up at one of these great blogs and be seen on all four! Making the World Cuter, Sumo's Sweet Stuff, Rae Gun Ramblings and Keeping it Simple

Hosted by: Making the World Cuter, Sumo’s Sweet Stuff, Rae Gun Ramblings & Keeping it Simple Today I am hosting this great party!  I’m Kaysi from Keeping it Simple. It’s crazy that I am already thinking about Valentine’s day, since it’s a whole month away.  I made up some Valentines for my sons this week […]

Paleo BLTA Lettuce Wraps

Paleo BLTA Lettuce Wraps. Easy, yummy lunch! Making the World Cuter

Back in the day, you know before I knew I couldn’t digest wheat? My favorite food was sandwiches. My sandwich of choice would always be a delicious BLTA, (Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato, Avocado). Now that our family doesn’t eat bread, easy and fast lunches can kind of be hard to come up with. If you are […]

Creamy Strawberry Popsicles

Creamy Strawberry Popsicles

These creamy strawberry popsicles are just the thing on a hot day! Strawberries bring me back. I remember sitting in my backyard playing Barbies with my sister while we picked fresh berries from the plants and used them like lipstick before eating them. Also I had a whole Strawberry Shortcake bed ensemble and the doll […]

Easy Post Workout Snack

Post Workout Snack

When I started doing REVOLT Fitness I had the hardest time for some reason eating post workout. It’s not that I wasn’t hungry, I was…but you know how it gets when you’re a busy lady! I would workout and then immediately go upstairs and get showered. I would get dressed, do my hair and makeup, […]

Simple Watermelon Popsicles

Simple Watermelon Popsicles

These simple watermelon popsicles couldn’t be easier. Seriously. It’s one ingredient! No need to go to any fancy culinary schools to learn how to make these babies. These are surprisingly delicious seeing as how it’s just frozen watermelon. Pureeing watermelon turns it to basically a liquid, which makes it the perfect fruit to just freeze into […]

Orange Banana Smoothie Pops

Orange Banana Smoothie Popsicle

Oh yum. Orange Banana Smoothie Pops. Orange and banana together in one delicious smoothie popcicle? Yes please! I got this recipe from, you know the one…my favorite place to get my meal plans and grocery lists for my family? The one that always has such great recipes and saves me lots of money on […]

Healthy Fish Tacos Recipe

Fish Taco Revolt Fitness

Photo Credit I’ve mentioned in my Revolt Fitness updates that there are full meal plans featuring new meals each week right? The recipes are really great and full of great protein and veggies to supplement the fantastic workouts. I thought I would share one of the recipes from this week. Enjoy! Fish Tacos Recipe Serves: 8 […]