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30 Day Plank Challenge Chart

30 day plank challenge chart

Okay, so I have confessed my love of food lately and all things delicious. Problem with that love? Not feeling so great about the way my body looks as of late. Too much of a good thing turns out, is not so great for the belly, bum and thighs. Who knew? You may remember when […]

Easy Post Workout Snack

Post Workout Snack

When I started doing REVOLT Fitness I had the hardest time for some reason eating post workout. It’s not that I wasn’t hungry, I was…but you know how it gets when you’re a busy lady! I would workout and then immediately go upstairs and get showered. I would get dressed, do my hair and makeup, […]

How to Begin Running

How to Begin Running

I’m excited to have running enthusiast and cute as can be Katie Stratford today here as a guest! Running is simple and inexpensive. It’s an awesome way to lose weight, boost your mood, improve your health, and increase your energy! There are an endless amount of things we can discuss when it comes to running – […]

REVOLT against the before picture!

Before and After REVOLT against the before picture

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Okay ya’ll I have been doing the REVOLT workouts pretty religiously for the past 12 weeks or so and I will continue to do them for a long, long time. I LOVE them! REVOLT Against the Before Picture I love how much narrower I am and how I can actually […]

Size 6!!! Revolt Fitness Update

Revolt Fitness Update Size 6 Jeans!

I honestly didn’t think it was possible. I was a size 6 when I got married nearly 12 years ago. After my first baby, I lost the weight but was in a size 8. I thought that was as small as I would go. I just figured my body had changed and that is the […]

Update on Revolt Fitness

Revolt Fitness with Nichole Huntsman

Time for a picture update on Revolt Fitness! So, I’ve been all about being good and faithful with my workouts. And I’ll be completely honest, I don’t follow the diet that Nichole has given us, and that has a lot to do with my food sensitivities and I already eat REALLY healthy about 90% of […]

What are Tabata Workouts?

Did that workout really work?

Have you done a Tabata workout before? Are you asking yourself, “What are Tabata workouts?” Ummm…how do I explain this in a nice way? They bite. But in a good way, but also in a bad way. You will curse a little (or a lot), you might even cry a little (or a lot), you […]

Revolt Fitness Update-My Legs are Jello

My legs are Jello, after doing the Lower Body Sculpt from Revolt Now Fitness

My legs are Jello. I am not a fan of Jell0. In fact I pretty much loathe it entirely. I think it’s because it’s so unnatural. Most of the ingredients have scientific names which turns me off to eating it, and then the whole liquid to weird jiggly semi-solid chemistry of it…well yuck. I just […]

Revolt Fitness Update Week 5 | Get in on the next Uprising!

Revolt Fitness Update

5 weeks in and things are still getting tighter! Loving my arms and that my clothes fit so much nicer. REVOLT Fitness is working wonders, and I haven’t been bored once! Nichole has new workouts every week and she is just so dang real (a mom just like me) that it is impossible to hate […]

Revolt Fitness Update Week 4

Revolt Fitness Week 4

This is the end of week four for Revolt Fitness. You may notice that I have considerably more clothes on this week for my results photo. (If you want to see my results up to last week check here!) It’s because this week was a rough one. I had the best of intentions, but I […]