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Spicing Things Up with Spring Lingerie

Blue Lingerie from Figleaves. Spicing things up!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Figleaves. I will be discussing the intimate side of marriage a bit today and the “clothing” that goes along with that, if that makes you blush, you might want to skip this post. So let’s talk about spicing things up in our marriages for

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DIY Canvas Tote | “hello <3″


Last weekend my sister and I hosted a favorite things party and we had such a fun time! I decided that we would “shop” for the things we got to take home…since shopping is one of my favorite things. If you’re shopping you need a bag, and if you are shopping for cute things, you

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Here at Making the World Cuter I have a few great sponsors that help keep this site running, and allow me to help my family out a bit and I am so very thankful for them. Every once in a while I like to recognize those on my blog sidebar and give them a little

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12 Handmade Gifts for Girlfriends | Block Party #10

12 Handmade Girlfriend Gifts perfect for birthdays, Christmas and just because! | Making the World Cuter

Hosted by: Making the World Cuter, Sumo’s Sweet Stuff, Rae Gun Ramblings & Keeping it Simple It’s my, Marissa’s turn for features this week. And as much as I love Halloween I’m getting so excited for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Now is the perfect time to start making Christmas gifts if you haven’t already. Here are

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It’s Jake From State Farm Costume

DIY nametags for last minute Halloween costumes. It's Jake from State Farm and Flo. Free Printables | Making the World Cuter

My hubby and I have loved the “It’s Jake From State Farm” commercial from the first time we saw it. It is the answer to every knock knock joke; “Knock Knock.” “Who’s there?” “It’s Jake from State Farm.” Anytime somebody calls and we ask each other “who was that?” You can bet the answer 9

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DIY Bat Costume

DIY Bat Costume | Making the World Cuter

Yesterday I showed you my 3 year old boy who carries around a pink and purple glittery doctor bag everywhere he goes and the accompanying doctor costume he is wearing for Halloween. Today I will share what my daughter is obsessed with…nasty, disgusting, flying rodents. She LOVES bats! Is that weird to anyone else? Most

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DIY Children’s Doctor Costume

How to make a children's doctor costume | Making the World Cuter

You may think with the pink glittery stethoscope that this would be my daughter’s costume for Halloween, but nope my 3 year old boy is OBSESSED with Doc McStuffins. He is so excited to have his own doctor’s coat and then of course scrubs just like his daddy! I went out and bought fabric to

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Mixing Patterns for Fall | Giveaway from eShakti

Mixing Patterns for Fall looks

One of my favorite things about fall is all the layering that I get to do with my clothes. Socks, boots, skirts, tights, tops, sweaters, scarves…the list goes on and on. I feel super comfortable mixing patterns which makes this layering thing so much easier. My only rule when it comes to mixing patterns, is

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Origami Owl Giveaway

Origami Owl Living Locket | Giveaway on Making the World Cuter

Have you guys heard of Origami Owl? They make custom “living lockets” that are so dang cute! My friend Ericka helped me build my own personal locket and I love it! First you pick out your charms, I chose a 4 to represent my four kids, a ring to represent my hubby, a camera for

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10 Easy Handmade Halloween Costumes

10 Easy Handmade Halloween Costumes

Hey there friends!!! I can’t believe it, but Halloween is right around the corner!!! It’s one of my most favorite holidays… I may or may not have been the kid in high school that offered to take my little sister trick-or-treating with my friends so we had an excuse to dress up. ;)¬†She loved us

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