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Potty Training Sticker Chart FREE Printable

Free printable potty sticker chart and what finally worked to get this kid potty trained.

It’s official, official. We are officially out of diapers here at the Hewlett house! It’s been official for awhile, but I didn’t want to jinx it by saying so just to have him go back the next day. He has been diaper free for about 2 months though, so I think we’re in the clear!

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Cute Gold Glitter Art Using Heat Transfer Vinyl

Making the World Cuter. Love these! Use heat transfer glitter vinyl on canvas's to make super cute wall art easily.

I have been having lots of fun creating art for my new craft room! I made this fun glitter art using some gold glitter heat transfer vinyl from Expressions Vinyl. I LOVE this stuff, all the cute of glitter without the mess! I used some canvases that I had sitting around waiting for something cute

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Fresh and Colorful Produce Crates

Fresh and Colorful Produce Crates out of $5 CD crates found at any craft store! So cute and clears up counter space!

I have had these produce crates on my to blog list for such a long time…I think I made these last fall. I know it was when I still lived in my little town house with no counter space! I needed something to keep all the fruits and veggies off the counter, and I needed

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Bright and Colorful Canister Makeover

Amazing Kitchen Canister Makeover. These are so cute and colorful! Such an improvement over what they were before.

This project was originally posted by me over at the DIY Club in August 2011. I  had these canisters. They were not bad. Just not cute. I liked the bell shape of them and the lids are also a great shape, but they just weren’t singing to me you know? My kitchen where I was, was teeny

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Cute Boy Baptism Book

Baptism Book Keepsake for LDS kids by Making the World Cuter

Last month my oldest boy turned 8 and was baptized. It was a super special day for him, both of his grandma’s were there and his dad baptized him in front of family and a few friends. To commemorate the day I made him a little baptism book for him to remember the day and

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Chocolate Peanut Butter Popcorn

Making the World Cuter Chocolate Peanut Butter Popcorn. Yummm!

Chocolate Peanut Butter Popcorn sprinkled with my favorite Cadbury Mini Eggs? Okay, this stuff is dang addicting! I was wanting some sweet popcorn and I was thinking about muddy buddies and BAM! I knew I needed to merge the two into something wonderful and a little bit Eastery (although you could definitely leave out the eggs

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No bake egg nest cookies

Making the World Cuter No Bake Egg Nest Cookies! So adorable!

So I shared these about 5 years ago HERE, and I looked at those sad pictures and decided it was most definitely time to re-shoot these adorable no bake egg nest cookies and give them new life here at Making the World Cuter. I mean what dessert is cuter than an egg nest cookie at

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Share the Table, Pasta with Meat Sauce

pasta with meat sauce #sharethetable

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Barilla, but opinions are my own. I feel like as a family we spend a lot of “time” together. I home school all four of my littles, my husband is usually home around four in the afternoon and unless he gets called in which

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Easter Fun Projects | Block Party

Easter Fun Ideas! Crafts and Foods. Making the World Cuter

  We’ve joined forces to bring you one big block party! You’ll only have to link up once to to be listed on all five sites! hosted by: Making the World Cuter | Rae Gun Ramblings| Keeping It Simple | Hungry Happenings | Pieces by Polly This week’s party is hosted by Beth from Hungry

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Perfect Hard Boiled Eggs

How to get the perfect hard boiled egg

Easter is in less than 2 weeks! It’s crunch time, and by that I mean only a couple more weeks to crunch on Cadbury mini eggs…unless you stock up like I do, and then you have at least a solid month ahead of you. Whew! My kids love to dye Easter eggs, me…not so much.

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