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14 Recipes for Fall

14 Recipes for Fall

I know that my posts here on Making the World Cuter are usually in the realm of sewing, but today I am going to share with you a round-up that involves one of my other passions--COOKING! With fall ... [ Read More ]

Cute Tooth Fairy Pillows


I recently ready the book Silverlicious  by Victoria Kann to my four-year-old daughter.  The book goes through the main character's adventure of losing her sweet tooth and discovering another meaning ... [ Read More ]

How to Applique


Appliqueing is a fun and easy way to embellish cloth items like onesies, t-shirts, totes, bibs...  The possibilities are endless!  Drawing your own applique patterns is a great way to personalize ... [ Read More ]

Sew Cute Bookmarks


I know that this is an era full of e-readers and electronics, but I still feel that when it comes to reading, nothing beats holding an actual book in your hands. Here's how to sew some fantastic ... [ Read More ]

Cute Tutu Tutorial


Making your child's Halloween costume? Need to sew something for your daughter's next dance recital? Want something special for your little one to wear for family photos? Have you considered a tutu? ... [ Read More ]