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14 CUTE Free Calendars to Print 2014

14 CUTE and FREE Calendars to print for 2014 | Making the World Cuter #calendars #print #2014

I love organizing and planning and so January is kind of great for me…except for the cold of course.

I love getting a brand new calendar all clean and full of possibilities! There are so many talented people out there willing to share their talents and cuteness with us, so instead of trying to make my own that wouldn’t even compare, I rounded up 14 free calendars to print 2014 style, and you better believe that they are super cute!

Free Calendars to Print 2014

Left column from left to right:

Watercolor Calendar | Illustrated Calendar | Adorable Calendar | Calendar with Notes | Desktop Calendar | Chalkboard Calendar | Bold Colors Calendar

Right column from left to right:

Anthropolgie Inspired Calendar | Year at a Glance Calendar | Beautiful Calendar | Bookmark Calendars | Planner Calendar | Mini Desk Calendar | Chevron Calendar

Do you love a new calendar too? What is your favorite thing about January?

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