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Italian Soda Bar for Parties

Have an Italian Soda Bar at your next party! Making the World Cuter has a list of everything you need and some helpful extras.

I mentioned that we had a favorite things party a couple weeks back at my house right? Well, I had everyone bring a favorite treat or appetizer to share and I provided the drinks. I made cookies too, but I wanted the drinks to be fun. I made a pot of hot chocolate and a pot of pumpkin steamers and left them on the stove for those who wanted something warm. For the real fun though, I had an Italian soda bar.

Yum! I love Italian sodas, and we make them quite often at our house…no need for a fancy soda maker if you just have a few ingredients! I figured everyone knew how to make them since we have been making them for YEARS, so I was surprised that not everyone knew what they were doing when they walked up to the table. I thought it would be helpful to give a few tips and tricks for how we make them, and maybe you can have a fun little Italian Soda Bar at your next party!

Italian Soda Bar

Ingredients for an Italian Soda Bar

I wrapped my club soda bottles in scrapbook paper and added the instructions on how to make the sodas.

The absolute necessary parts for an Italian Soda are:

  • Club Soda
  • Flavored Syrups

We usually get Torani Syrup from our local Cash & Carry because they have a HUGE selection for about $4-$5 a bottle, we also have gotten them online, World Market, and at some grocery stores.

The fun extras are:

The reason you might want shot glasses, (I got a small package of disposable ones from the Dollar Store in the wedding area), is because if you’re not used to making Italian sodas you may get too much syrup making your drink sickingly sweet, or too little and get a bitter drink. I find that a shot of syrup is just right for a regular size glass, or regular size paper cup. You can also use a shot glass for the half and half to put in after you pour in your club soda, for a Italian cream soda. Yum, those are my favorite! Add a little bit of whip cream on top and you have yourself a pretty sweet little beverage!

For the party itself, if you have more than one flavor of syrup (which if you can, you should, it’s way more fun!), put a shot glass in front of each syrup and fill it up, not to the tip top but just a normal amount. Then when people use the shot glass they can refill it when they’re through for the next guest.

I also found it helpful to have an extra shot glass for those who wanted to mix flavors, and one for the half & half. That way they can gauge how much room they will need to leave in the glass for the cream.

How to host an Italian Soda Bar at your parties (for non drinkers) | Making the World Cuter

It was a hit at that party and we had this for Thanksgiving too, the family loved it! :)

Have you ever done Italian cream sodas? How do you make them?

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