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Gift Bag Gallery Wall

Making the World Cuter Gift Bag Gallery Wall Decor for Christmas! Brilliant! Just hang up cute gift bags for an inexpensive and #fabulouslyfestive way to decorate!

So, as I have mentioned, I just moved into a new house. Yup, right before Christmas! No, I do not have all of my decorations up. Yes, I am feeling a little crazy and disorganized right now. No, this is not how I pictured this Christmas season to be. Yes, I could use a hug.

I am just throwing a couple posts at you tonight for few reasons:

  1. I didn’t get a chance to do them before I moved.
  2. I just got internet at my new place, (yes I felt like I lost an arm not being able to be connected anywhere but with my phone).
  3. Because Christmas is just 5 days away and these are Christmas related, so I have to just get them up!

I had lots of pics ready for tutorials, but I know you can figure this one out!

Gift Bag Gallery Wall

Gift Bag Gallery Wall

Luckily I did get to decorate my old place a bit, but I didn’t want to do anything to overboard since I knew we would just be moving it within weeks of doing it.

I made this fun gift bag gallery wall using cute Christmas bags I got at Jo-Ann. Just hung them right up with the string handles! I have always thought that there are some gift bags just too cute for a gift, they need to be on the wall, so I just did it! For the middle one, I just wrapped a piece of foam board from the dollar store with wrapping paper and added a bow. I kind of love how it turned out! Lots of cute festiveness, without a lot of cost or work!

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