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Windows Phone Kids Corner

Windows Phone Kids Corner

Don’t you love it when your one year old niece sends you text messages with a lot of letters, numbers and random words that auto correct picks up? I especially love when I go to use my phone and my kids have deleted my email app, or bought an app that cost $5 for a daily horoscope or something equally as useful. I love it when they are playing a game and they click on an ad somehow and instead of the cute, happy music that was playing just moments before I start hearing women moaning. That’s my absolute favorite.

I know I’ve mentioned it before, but I LOVE my Windows Phone Kids Corner.

Here’s my top 5 reasons why I prefer it over any other phone, and trust me, my kids have played on about every phone out there:

Windows Phone Kids Corner

  1. They can only play or get into the apps that I put on their start screen.
  2. They can move in between apps at their leisure, and not have to have me unlock it to go back to their start screen. (Great for my younger kids with short attention spans)
  3. When they click on an ad within a game (most of them anyway) it tells them they cannot view it in Kids Corner.
  4. They can’t download new apps, or buy anything within in an app. (Great for my older kids who play games that seem to want them to buy coins, or download other games from the app maker)
  5. They can’t get back to my start screen where I keep my stuff.

I asked my kids what their favorite apps are on my phone right now and this is their list. Mind you that all of these were free. I haven’t paid for any kid apps yet, they seem to have plenty that keep their interest in the free section. We have all the Angry Birds and Plants vs. Zombies on our tablets, so I didn’t feel the need to buy them for the phone too.

So in no particular order;

Windows Phone Kids Apps

My 2 year old LOVES;

  • Preschool Animal Sounds
  • Animal Scramble

My 4 year old plays;

  • Doodle Dash 
  • Ragdoll Run

My 7 year old is obsessed with;

  • Funny Mouths (this is actually a hit with all the kids, and I have paid for the upgrade on this one)
  • Pencil Blade (Gangnam Style is his favorite way to play)

My 9 year old enjoys;

  • Puzzle Craft
  • Penguin
  • Speed

So there you have it, if you haven’t played on a Window’s Phone yet, then you are missing out. It is the PERFECT phone for moms.

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  1. says

    You had me laughing there with your opening statement! I am just wondering if ever they made such app for smartphones in the app store, too. Anyway great to hear that it’s your window phone, not theirs. Just a thought, smartphones and Window phones may just be too complicated for kids. Anyway, great post! Searching the app store for an android counterpart of this app! Thumbs Up!