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St. Patrick’s Day Bingo | Pretty Paper

St. Patrick's Day Bingo at MakingTheWorldCuter by saynotsweetanne!
Let’s just start off with my mom is awesome. I’m not bragging or anything, its just a fact. When I was little (and an only child, as I was until age 10) she planned a Valentine’s Day party for my class. For the class, she hand made bingo cards for each one of us- painstakingly drawing candy hearts on each one. I don’t remember playing the game that day in class, but I remember how hard my mom worked and how proud I was of her. It became the inspiration for my Conversation Hearts Bingo.

So this month, when I sat down to devise an awesome printable to share with you all, the idea of group games stuck in my mind. I like games that kids can play together, where the winner is chosen by luck and there can be plenty of winning to go around. So, I’ve made a version of my mother’s awesome bingo- For St. Patrick’s Day!!

St. Patrick’s Day Bingo St. Patrick's Day Bingo at MakingTheWorldCuter by saynotsweetanne!

There are 10 different bingo cards and a section of all the words so you can cut them out to draw the bingo choices. The words are all St. Patrick’s Day themed and would make great vocabulary words too! I opted to use my DIY Clover “altoid” mints as bingo chips, but I’m sure any candy would work.

Download the Free Printable Here.

Making them is too easy! Just print out the Free St. Patrick’s Day Bingo, and cut out the cards and words to draw! Done! I know what I’m playing this weekend!

St. Patrick's Day Bingo at MakingTheWorldCuter by saynotsweetanne!

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Kayla Domeyer loves the look of ink on paper. She is often inspired by hot color pallets and the latest graphic design trends, as well as retro concepts and font choices. Her Pretty Paper segment focuses on easy to follow DIY paper projects and graphic design inspiration. Her stories show others how to create beautiful things in their own home from games to fine artwork. Follow her on her blog, Say Not Sweet Anne and Pinterest.