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Washi Tape Lamp


Can you believe I have never played with Washi Tape?!? I know, I know, so behind the times! I got some of these FABULOUS washi tape sheets from Lifestyle Crafts that you can cut to whatever shape you want, either with scissors or with die cuts, how great is that? I got the hot pink and black set because I knew I wanted to do some projects in my daughters pink and black room. We moved her into the bigger bedroom when I moved the baby up to be with the other boys and it needs a little more pop of cute in there. I have had this lamp for about 6 years, and the shade got damaged the first week because the kids knocked it sideways and the light bulb melted it (before photo below). It has been sitting in my closet waiting for a makeover. I just never knew what to do with it…until now! Washi Tape Lamp!

Lifestyle Crafts Shape N’ Tape


This was an easy project that turned out so cute! I love how it turned out. I chose a few different patterns, cut a rectangle out of each of them to the right height and then cut them on a bit of a diagonal and just taped them onto the shade. I loved how when they overlapped it showed through a bit. It added to the patchwork charm I think.



I also wrapped a couple pieces around the base where it practically begged me to, and cut the blue star off the pull. Such a drastic and cute difference. It no longer has to hide in my closet, and can be put to good use by my bookworm daughter.


Here it is sitting there being cute on her nightstand. I have lots more projects in mind with this fabulous tape. Have you played with washi tape? What have you made? Have you used the Shape N Tape sheets? What have you made? What would you make? If you want some, be sure to use the code CUTEBLOG for a 20% discount.


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