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Birthday Countdown | Pretty Paper

Birthday Countdown Free Printable

Well hello again everyone! Who doesn’t love a birthday? I look forward to mine for weeks ahead. Mine is a week before Christmas though, so sometimes it gets lost. Not anymore! You know I love a good countdown- I make so many of them! But this one is special. Its my first ever with that neato stick-up banner. And, its not a countdown to a national holiday, its a birthday countdown!!

I can just see this as a classroom project, or placed on a child’s dresser weeks before the big day. What a great way to drum up excitement!

What You Need:

  • Download the Free PDF and print it
  • Scissors, glue/tape

How To Make It:

  1. Print out the template on a heavy card stock. Be sure to cut out the birthday banner on the dotted lines, and to use a craft knife to cut the BOLD line on the sleeve box.
    Birthday Countdown for kids
  2. Cut out the designs along the solid lines.
  3. Score along all of the fold lines. Fold and crease them.Birthday Countdown Tutorial
  4. For the first numbered block, glue the tab near the number 8 face to the edge of the 1 face. For the next, glue the tab near the 3 face to the 0 face. (Pictured here with my Woodland Christmas Countdown)Woodland Christmas Countdown Tutorial
  5. Fold in the other sides, and glue the top and bottom shut.
  6. For the outer sleeve/box, fold so that the letter A touches A, B touches B and so on. Use a dab of glue to hold these tabs together. Let dry.
  7. Glue the tabs to the short side of the box, to create a flush inside space for the blocks. Let dry
  8. Place blocks in sleeve, and the banner in the slit on the top of the sleeve box!
    Birthday Countdown Gift

For more great birthday and party ideas follow Making the World Cuter’s party board on Pinterest!

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