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3 Beauty tips I betcha didn’t know…

Beauty Tips

Beauty Tips #1:  How to wear Bronzer in the winter

Where I live we still have months left of winter and I recently stumbled upon Cassaundra’s (from The Blue Closet) post on how to wear your bronzer in the winter. To be honest I don’t wear a lot of bronzer, the reason being that I don’t know how to wear it very well.  She says bronzers can be a really good way to liven up your winterized skin with a slight glow but can be a little intimidating if you haven’t tried  them before.  BINGO!!

The two things every girl wants to avoid is an ORANGE or a DIRTY looking face. The key is testing out the different shades and then wearing a real light matte bronzer during these winter months.



image source

She makes a list of great bronzers for you to help compare which one is like the one you use:


1. nars 2. laura mercier 3. mac 4. benefit 5. too -faced

I totally agree with her that I love to watch step by step videos to help me with makeup application.

Like THIS one that tells you just how bronzer should be applied. And also, THIS video. It’s amazing.


Beauty Tips #2: How to Stop the Lipstick Bleed

I envy girls that can be bold with their lipsticks. I LOVE a bright color on the lips to finish an outfit. Although it seems when I try my best to pull off a bright red I end up looking more like I have been eating since I put it on and looking less like I got the clean lines T-Swift gets.

I found out the key here is to Use a small amount of concealer or foundation on a (clean!) pointed eyeliner brush and trace around the lips to correct mistakes or as a “reverse lip liner” to avoid bleeding, especially when wearing a bright lip!



Beauty Tips #3: How to apply Eye Make-up according to your Eye Shape

Newsflash: not all eyes are created equal! An article at DDG Daily tells us that when we have tried all sorts of ways to apply eyeliner to get our eyes to look another way and it backfires…don’t fret! This doesn’t mean you’ll have to give up on trying the smokey eye forever. It simply means you’ll need to adjust the application process to make sure that amazing look you’ve been coveting is perfect for your pretty peepers.

I’ll give you an example of 3 of the eye shapes:

Almond shaped eyes:  Proportionally even, they can wear most styles of eyeshadow with ease.


Try applying your eyeshadow in a sideways V, with the pigment being darker along the crease and down to the lash-line.
A thin line, from inner to outer corners of the eye, works best to highlight the symmetrical nature of your eyes. Coloured eyeshadow on the top lid will also help to open up the eyes even more.

Narrow shaped eyes:  These shapes are commonly hooded or have a mono-lid like appearance.


To add definition when you have a small eyelids, use the shadow above the eye crease – slightly below the brow bone – from the inner corner to the outer corner. To make eyes appear rounder, apply a dab of light eyeshadow to the middle of the eyelid.
Narrow eyes look great when lined along the inner lower lash-line, but can look equally great with a thicker coat of liner along the upper lashes from the middle to the outer corner of the eye.

Wide set eyes: Wide set eyes generally seem large, but not always. You have wide set eyes if the distance between your eyes is bigger than the width of one of your eyes.


When applying eye makeup with wide set eyes you want to give the impression that they are closer together. This is achieved by darkening the inner corners of the eyes to bring them visually closer. Try to avoid taking the colour too far past the outer corner as this will make them appear further apart.
Wide set eyes look great with liner along the inner corners of the eyes to add to the sultry appeal of a cat eye

There you have it! And if you want to look at the other eye shapes listed you can click HERE to see more. (images of eye shapes source)

Bonus Beauty tip!

One last quick tip that I use all the time at my girls parties and sleepovers…. did you know that if you paint your nails and immediately after (while they are still wet)  spray them with PAM (or any non stick spray) the polish dry’s instantly??

Instantly dry nails

Tip to quick dry nailsimage source

Totally true! Try it, it will blow your mind.

Bye Friends!


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