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Windows Phone, Making the World Cuter #MeetYours

Windows-Phone-(5-of-7)I have four kids. It’s amazing to me everyday. I home school them, kiss them, hug them, read to them, dress them, feed them, bathe them, play with them, sleep with them (not by choice, at least one always seems to make their way into our bed), drive them, entertain them, yell at them, apologize to them, and most of all love them. Sometimes mama needs a break! If I can get five minutes to myself by handing off my phone I’m not going to lie, I’m going to take that five minutes! Nicest thing about my Windows Phone? The kids have their OWN start screen. I can pin the apps that matter to them and not the ones that don’t, or the ones I don’t want them to touch. How many times have your kids bought apps, dialed 911 or somebody else you didn’t want them to, texted random strings of letters, erased your text messages or something else? Before my Windows Phone, those things were happening all. the. time. Keep reading, and you will have a chance to win your own Windows Phone!

Windows Phone Kid’s Corner


Once they are in their “Kids Corner” they can’t get out! It’s not obvious how to get back to your start screen, and even if they did happen to figure it out, you have to enter your password to get back into your screen. LOVE IT!

Window’s Phone Live Tiles

If you’re not familiar with Windows 8, you are most likely familiar with the commercials of all the celebrities and non-celebrities that are sharing how Windows Phones were not made for everyone, but for each of us. You can customize the snot out of them! (Sorry about that, I have 4 kids remember, it’s not often that one of them doesn’t have a runny nose during the winter!)
You know how I like things to be cute right? Well I just love how I can change things up depending on my mood, and I love how everything is so organized, and all the most important things are right at my fingertips. My favorite cute peeps? Right there with all their latest Facebook & Twitter updates, new messages, and I tap on their cute face to get all of their information, texting, calling, emailing, tweeting, writing on their wall, seeing their photos…ALL IN ONE PLACE! Huge time saver to a busy mama!

A Live Tile changes all the time, so your screen is interactive all the time, making it fun to just look at. The app list is extensive and it is easy to find almost everything you would ever need! There are SO many things I love about my Windows Phone, this is just what is pinned to my start screen at the moment (and it is super easy to pin, unpin, make pins bigger or smaller). I love mine!

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  1. says

    Cute post! I feel you on the “phone hand off” thing! My Two year old is forever asking to watch “oos Clues” on Mamma’s Fome…it keeps her occupied for 10 minutes so I gladly hand it over! Love those new’s the mom phone!

  2. Charles says

    I don’t see the Goodreads app in the Windows Store… where did you download this? Thanks,

  3. Sergio says

    Yeeeah! Kids corner it’s great. I use it for my 6 year’s kid, and it is really amazing, cause he can’t mess with my phone configurations or call,text,..
    this is a great idea, Windows Phone 8 in my Lumia are the best!!!!

  4. Eric says

    Love your Windows phone and I have the Nokia 920, Try the new app call Photosynth its the easiest panoramic app on the map, and its so easy to use. You probably would love it with your kids. Great Phone. :)