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Sewing Valentine’s Day Roundup

Sewing Valentine's Day Roundup

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  1. says

    I have never shared this pbacilully before because it is so humiliating but here goes. I chose to stop vaccinating while I was pregnant with my second child. I made the choice after doing extensive research and sorta forced my hubby to get on board. We now have four kid total and he (after seeing how smart and healthy they are) is in agreement that its best for our family.My SIL is a surgeon who just had her first baby. Last Christmas everyone in the family was going to get together to celebrate, but I got a weird email. So, Amanda you dont vaccinate right? Our child just got vaccinated and we dont want him to be exposed to your children. We will not be attending Christmas this year. So. Everyone in the family knew that hubbys brother, doctor wife, and new baby were not at Christmas because I am a bad mom who doesnt vaccinate. I mean, she is a doctor, and everyone knows that doctors know best. Not just some mom. (me)I was horrified. I cried. I tried to very gently and very quietly tell them that my children posed no risk to them, but they were set. And I was forever branded.When I read articles like this I have such hope. That moms and dads out there are really researching the issue and seeing that there are alternatives to vaccinating. That good diet, supplements if needed, and sun exposure are HUGE in terms of creating and maintaining good health. That even if you do get these diseases, there are natural ways to fight them if you already have a strong immune system.I really am thankful for your whole series and viewpoint and knowledge.Hope you can forgive my rant!

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