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Cute Sewing Projects: A Valentine’s Day Roundup

Looking for something to sew? How about one of these cute projects all themed for Valentine’s Day… (sources below)

Valentine’s Day Sewing Crafts

1.Valentine’s Heart Pins

2. Valentine’s Day Bunting

3. Kid’s Valentine Chair Backer

4. Valentine’s Day Ruffle Apron

5. Heart Shaped Zipper Pouch

6. D.I.Y. Felt Cookie Kit

7. Lovey-Dove Skirt

8. Valentine Bookmarks

9. Love Chain

10. Pajamas with Heart Appliques

11. Valentine Throw Pillow

12. Embellished Tees for Boys

13. Recycled Tee Valentine Dress

14. Lovely Shirt and Headband

Happy Sewing!

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