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4 tips to Update a Room

As the stylish fashionista, interior decorator, or just overall crafty person you are, winter should mean one thing for you: Time to go crazy with creativity! Update a room easily and inexpensively with some of these tips!

Update a Room

Tailored Pleat Drapery

One of the easiest and fastest ways to update and freshen a room is to change the window treatments. You can easily change the feeling of the room from warm and cozy in winter to bright and cheery for spring. Questions you’ll want to ask yourself include: What styles, patterns and colors would suit the room’s furnishings and designs? How much light is needed in the room? What type of mood are you trying to set? What is the size and shape of your window?

Once you have those questions answered, you’ll know how to change the entire mood; from hard or soft; light or dark. There are no hard and fast rules to window treatments, but choosing drapery at will you give you enough options to help you decide what you really want. Don’t be afraid to combine window treatments for a different effect. You could blend a fabric roman shade with draperies.

Zany Interior Design Mental Exercise

If you’re thinking about updating your home with a new look, researching the web for ideas can be overwhelming. Take a moment to try out this zany mental interior-design exercise. First, take a quick self-assessment. What kind of decorator are you? Are you a mysterious black leather sofa person or the comfy white and tan suede sectional kind? Close your eyes and visualize your dream home. Take notes of what you start to see. Is it midcentury modern, rustic cabin-style or Southwestern with a dash of Frank Lloyd Wright?

Maybe you can’t see details in your mental interior design imagery, and you just get a general feeling or idea. Perhaps you sense a specific color or combination of colors or patterns. Take in everything your home design third eye tells you, and start to plot the framework for your new decked out interior.

Using Fashion Trends for Home Design

This leads us into another realm of inspiration for interior design ideas-clothing fashion. Glamour Magazine lists black and white suits and crimson as trends for 2012. Don’t be afraid to use these as a basis for your direction. For reupholstering, try contrasting patterns of black and white lines, polka dots or even zebra stripes on chairs and sofas. For walls, go crimson! A deep velvety red is comforting, yet bold and fun, and can be a great way to express your passion, lifeblood and romance.

“Going Green” is a No Brainer

Going green shouldn’t be just a trend; it should be a commitment. Earth-friendly materials or furniture that went through a green manufacturing process can be found just about anywhere now. They will also add a positive vibe to your living space.

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