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Mustache Specimen Art Tutorial


I love specimen art! It’s fun and easy to put together, you can do it for any holiday or room and it’s cute! My three boys love the whole mustache thing, especially the handlebar mustaches. They think they are hilarious. I knew they would love a little mustache wall hanging in their shared room, and I knew they would be the perfect subject for specimen art. I mean who wouldn’t want mustaches hanging on their wall right? 😉 I have a few mustache projects coming your way, so if you or your kids love the upper lip hair, then stay tuned!

Specimen Art

Using the mustaches die cut from Lifestyle Craft’s new line Love Notes, some brown cardstock, a piece of 12×12 white cardstock, and Sticky Thumb Dimensionals (also available from Lifestyle Crafts) I was able to get this project started.


I cut three sets of the dies and then arranged them on my cardstock. After I had them where I thought they looked best, I used the smallest sticky thumb dimensionals and attached them all to the paper. Easy peasy. This is really something you could let your kids help you with…if you’re not a control freak!


You could also put this on foam board, use pins, frame it, mat it, make it five times as large…but this worked out nicely for the spot on the wall I wanted to hang it. To hang it, I just took a cork board tile I had in my stache, (hee hee, see what I did there?) some binder clips and a piece of jute. Not sure why I called it twine in the photo, but oh well, you can see that it’s jute right? I tied the jute through the binder clips and then just clipped it to the cork board.


Then I just hung it on the wall. My plan for this wall is to take a picture of each of my boys with their fake mustaches and make a collage wall around it… or maybe take their photos looking straight ahead, frame them and give them some of these mustaches laminated with a bit of sticky tab so they can change them out and laugh themselves silly. We’ll see how it goes.


If you would like your own mustache dies, or sticky thumb dimensionals featured in this post be sure to check out Lifestyle Crafts and use the code CUTEBLOG for 20% off your total purchase. If you can wait a week or so my coupon code will actually be for 50% off! From January 21-27. Perfect time to make a wish list and give your hubs some ideas for Valentines Day!

And hey, 100 cute bonus points if you can tell me the show that the line, “The Gentlemen” came from!

It’s my nickname for my boys but it originally came from this show. Love it!

I’ll give you a hint…it’s legend..ary.



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