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Making the World Cuter Monday | Happy Birthday Babe!

Today my sweet husband of 11 years turns 40! Say what?!? Happy, happy birthday to my best friend, the love of my life, one hot tamale, my own personal McDreamy and to the best daddy any kid could ever ask for. I love you so much and am so lucky I get to call you mine! XOXO It’s birthday central in January at the Hewlett household, mine is on the 4th, (mind you that is only 10 days after Christmas), my daughter turned 9 on Saturday, (and her present was a dog. A. Real. Live. Dog.), and now Chad. We are done until March now, so that helps me relax a bit! The last few weeks, while fun, have been a little crazy and not a lot has got done around here, so I hope you all have lots of cute to show off!

Cute and Pinworthy

The featured post today is from Crystelle Boutique, and it’s these adorable little hand warmers. I was instantly drawn to them because, a) they’re cute and b) it’s freezing here and my icy hands could really use some of these! SO, be sure to pin these and make these for gifts or for yourself if your poor hands are anything like mine and feel like they are on the verge of frost bite every time you walk out the door.

Now let’s see what cute stuff you’ve been dying to share!

Making the World Cuter


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