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His and Hers Valentines Day


After making my kids Valentines cards with the lips and mustaches die cuts from Lifestyle Crafts I had all of these negative pieces of paper. I knew I could do something with them. I had a couple glasses from the dollar store in my cupboard for just such an occasion and I pulled out my colored Sharpies that I had asked to get for Christmas. Yes, I ask for office supplies for Christmas…does that make me strange? 😉 I made some his and hers glasses! This was a super fast project and is something you could do for a date night, Valentine’s day or any other day really. Fill with your favorite beverages, candies, or maybe even a little something naughty for each to make a fun and inexpensive bridal shower gift!

His and Hers His-and-Hers-Stemware

Now I know you could try and bake these and it might just work to keep the marker from coming off…but I haven’t had super great success with Sharpies and the oven. It may just be because I use dollar store products instead of something more accepting of the ink? Not sure, but light hand washing will be fine with these, especially if you bake them. Just be sure to put them in a cool oven and bake at a lower temp for 20-30 minutes and let them cool completely before using.

I think these would be super fun for a Valentine’s day party with other couples, or an inexpensive wedding prop for the bride and groom, my kids think they are super fun to drink out of and put up to their faces to pretend they have a mustache or puckered lips. The lip one alone would be a fun hostess gift with their favorite beverage, the mustache a fun gift for the hubby or brother or dad filled with some chocolate or other little fun gifts. You could also use these same negatives on mugs, wrapping paper, plates, or anything else you can imagine. My kids have been using them to make little love notes for one another.

What would you use them for?

If you would like your own mustache dies, or lip dies featured in this post be sure to check out Lifestyle Crafts and use the code CUTEBLOG for 20% off your total purchase. If you can wait a week or so my coupon code will actually be for 50% off! From January 21-27. Perfect time to make a wish list and give your hubs some ideas for Valentines Day!

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