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Sew Cute Bookmarks

I know that this is an era full of e-readers and electronics, but I still feel that when it comes to reading, nothing beats holding an actual book in your hands. Here’s how to sew some fantastic bookmarks that any avid reader is bound to love…

Felt Bookmarks with Clippings from Antique Book Pages


  • pencil and paper
  • felt
  • coordinating fabric
  • antique book page clippings (If you cringe at the thought of cutting up real pages from antique books, you can copy the pages and use clippings from the copies. The internet also has a vast selection of free printable antique book pages. If you are feeling really industrious, you can antique pages from a current book by brushing the edges with a brown or bronze stamp pad or by soaking the pages in tea and letting them dry.)
  • basic sewing supplies (pinking shears, thread, sewing machine, pins…)
  • spray adhesive or a safer option for you sewing machine is an adhesive used for appliques
  • hole punch
  • ribbon



1. Gather your materials. Measure and draw a rectangle (8 1/2 inches by 3 inches) on paper to use as your pattern for the felt and fabric pieces. Cut the book clippings to measure 7 inches by 2 inches. Use your pinking shears to cut around the perimeter of the clippings.

2. Using your pattern, cut out pieces of both the fabric and felt.

3. You can make a bookmark with a fabric front and felt backing or you can make a bookmark with two layers of felt–your choice. The book clippling will site on top of both of these layers.

4. Use an applique adhesive or a very light coat of spray adhesive to adhere the page clipping it to the front layer of your bookmark.

5. Sew the page clipping to the top layer of the bookmark by sewing around the perimeter of the clipping.

6. Place the front layer of the bookmark onto the felt backing and pin the layers together. Sew around the perimeter of the two stacked layers using a 1/4 inch seam allowance.

7. Use your pinking shears to make a zig zag cuts around the bookmark. Be careful to cut right along the stitches but not through them. This gives the bookmark a nicer look.

8. Using a hole punch, make a hole near the top of the bookmark. Cut a piece of ribbon to thread through the hole. You could also use the ribbon to make a tassle if you would prefer. That’s it! Eight easy steps and you have a unique bookmark for yourself or one to give as a gift paired with a special book.

Happy sewing & happy reading!

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