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Happy Christmas Eve! Making the World Cuter Monday

Mini Snowman

I seriously cannot believe that it is Christmas Eve, yet here we are! The ground here in my neck of the woods in Oregon is covered in this cold white stuff and my kids couldn’t be more excited that we will be having a very white Christmas. My daughter was so excited yesterday morning that it was sticking so well that she couldn’t even be bothered to get dressed. She grabbed a hat and coat and went out in her pj’s.

Who else is going to be “enjoying” a white Christmas?

If you are looking for a super simple REALLY last minute gift then you will love this week’s feature.

Cute & Pinworthy

These Snowman Candles, from I Gotta Create, are made out of dollar store candles and are really cute and sweet!

Snowman Candles


Making the World Cuter Monday

Let’s see how you are making the world cuter this week, and Merry Christmas to all!

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  1. carissaR says

    my hubby is usually a christmas eve shopper….but i’ve been working on getting him to be better…this year, i finally succeeded and we have NO more shopping to do:) yay. merry christmas, thanks for hosting