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Cute Tissue Pouches and Fabric Covered Buttons | Double Tutorial

These cute tissue pouches are great for stocking stuffers, to put in your own purse, or even a thoughtful “get well” gift for a friend with a case of the sniffles. Here’s how to quickly and easily sew them…

Tissue Pouches



1. Measure and draw a 6 inch by 7 inch rectangle on a piece of paper to create the pattern. (I just love making my own patterns. The computer paper gets used up quickly in our home. Label what it is for, so you can use it again and again.) Use your pattern to cut out a rectangular piece of felt.

2. Fold the shorter ends together so that they meet at middle of the rectangle. Use pins to hold it in place. This creates a smaller rectangle.

3. Sew along both of the shorter ends of your smaller, folded rectangle leaving about a 1/2 inch seam allowance.

4. Use your pinking shears to trim the shorter edges. This gives it a much nicer look. You can also add a button or other embellishment before stuffing your pouch with tissues. (Continue reading for instructions on making fabric covered buttons for your tissue pouches.)

Fabric Covered Buttons


  • fabric scraps
  • scissors
  • kit complete with pusher, mold, button backs, and button shells

Directions:1. Most stores that sell sewing notions will have a fastener kit for making covered buttons. The kit should come with a pusher (blue piece in the picture), button backs, button shells, and mold (white piece in the picture).

2. Cut out a small piece of scrap fabric. One that is just a few inches on each side will work perfectly.

3. Place the fabric right side down on top of the mold which is similar to a rubber bottle cap. The button shell will then go face down on top of the fabric.

4. Push the button shell down into the mold. You want the fabric to fully cover the shell on all sides. If there is excess fabric, you can trim a little off.

5. Place the button back into the button shell with the fabric tucked away inside. Make sure that the loop of the button back is facing up.

6. Secure the button back into the shell by firmly pushing down on the pusher piece in your kit. You will hear a small snap when this step is complete. Take the covered button out of the mold. That’s it! Easy!

There are so many fantastic things you can do with these adorable buttons including sewing one onto your tissue pouch.

Happy sewing!

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