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JumpStart Madagascar Review and Giveaway!

Are you a fan of the Madagascar movies like we are?

They are hil.ari.ous.

We literally quote King Julian every day.Yes, we’re a bit nerdy, but family friendly movies that the adults enjoy as much as the kids are hard to come by.On road trips driving 10 hours listening to Yo Gabba Gabba can make you want to drive yourself right off a cliff…but put in any of the Madagascar movies and we can safely arrive at our destination.My kids are also BIG fans of JumpStart. We have a couple of their Wii games that my preschooler can play on his own and loves, and the online world is perfect for my 6 and 8 year old. My daughter loves taking care of all the animals, she wants to be a zoo keeper when she grows up.I think I may have mentioned this before, but she is Snow White. Seriously. Animals are drawn to her and always love her. She could go outside and start singing and I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if a little bird landed on her finger and started singing a duet with her while the deer, raccoons and field mice gathered at her feet. She loves all animals, even things that I find nasty and gross like bats, snakes and rodents of any kind. She won’t even step on a bug.So you can see that she would be super excited that they added a zoo to her JumpStart world, especially a zoo filled with our beloved Madagascar characters. Her favorite part is the zoo nursery (of course) where she gets to be one of the characters as a baby and play games with them. I was going to attach a video, but I couldn’t get the thing off my phone so here is a picture of it instead;


There is a LOT to the Madagascar area, I was surprised at how many things there are to do there. I like the penguin mission myself, and I also like to click on the facts about the animals. My daughter also loves that, she’s a trivia geek like her mama.

There are a lot of free parts to the JumpStart world, but I find that the membership is worth the extra few bucks because of all the things you get! There are downloads of 4 PC games that my 6 year old loves to play. Access to 1000’s of learning games that the home school mom in me loves! Anytime my kids can learn while they are playing…especially a video game…I am all for! I like the way JumpStart sets these up, the games usually start out as just the game and then you get a little into it, and it will ask a series of questions to continue. The kids are already invested in playing the game, and have no problem figuring out the math problems, picking the right color or shape or reading the right word to continue. The games are actually fun, and not just flash card type learning activities. My favorite part is that the membership has access to Math Blaster, which is the least fun subject for me to teach since it’s not my favorite subject. Math Blaster makes math fun, even for me! Sometimes when my daughter walks away and leaves it on, I play a few games and find myself actually enjoying the challenges…so that’s saying something! :)

Who would like to win a FREE 3 month membership to JumpStart?

I will make it super easy! All entries will be gathered in the entry collector below…Good luck! I hope you win!
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