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DIY Barnyard Party Cupcakes

If you haven’t yet seen the joint Barnyard Birthday Party I styled for my babies this year, then click here for all the details. Today I’ll be showing how I made the cute Barnyard Cupcake Pails for that party.

I got the idea from these metal pail cupcakes on this party I styled a while back. But to give it a farm look, I used green frosting instead (to look like grass), and shredded wheat cereal to emulate hay! :)

Materials + Ingredients Needed:
* Your fave cupcakes or muffins (to fit snugly inside your chosen metal pail)
* Cream Cheese Frosting
* Gel Green Food Coloring
* Piping Bag + Large French Star Tip
* Shredded wheat cereal
* Mini metal pails (from most craft stores) – Cleaned!
* Wooden Cupcake Picks
* Hot glue OR 1″ round stickers (from most office-supply stores) to stick animal toppers onto wooden cupcake picks.
* Double-sided tape

Barnyard Party

How to make your Barnyard Cupcakes:
1) Fit your cupcake inside your metal pails. I actually used large, chocolate chip muffins for a more “farmhouse look”, and unashamedly cut corners by buying from my local bakery to save time…
2) Tint your cream cheese frosting a little at time using a toothpick. Best to add small amounts of the gel and mix. Adjust color to your taste, but if making these a day or so in advance, know that the frosting darkens when dry so go easy on the color. Pipe a nice swirl of the frosting on top of each cupcake using your piping bag and tip – you could just also spread it on with a spoon!
3) Crumble on some shredded cereal on top (I got my little helpers involved at this stage)
4) Print and cut each printable animal topper and secure to a wooden cupcake pick with hot glue or the 1″ stickers at the back. Top each cupcake pail with a printable Farm Animal Cupcake Topper in the center for extra cuteness! Add a round personalized tag to the front of the pail with double-sided tape to complete the look.


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