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Christmas Photo Scavenger Hunt

Christmas Photo Scavenger Hunt

My goal over this Christmas season is to take more photos! You would think as a photographer and blogger I would take plenty of photos, but I feel like I don’t take as many “moment” pictures as I want to. Instagram has definitely helped me with that, but I also want to get my big girl camera out this next month and get some photos to print and perhaps even make a book to keep in our Christmas box to pull out each year. I decided to come up with a little Christmas photo scavenger hunt! I came up with pretty broad ideas that I can do in order or just choose one each day for December counting down to Christmas.I think I will have my kids play along as well, since the two older ones have cameras and DSi’s that have cameras on them. I’m hoping it will help them see all the little details during the season and appreciate them more. They love taking pictures, but I think it would be fun to give them just a little bit of direction and see where they go with it.I would love to have you join in and we can all share our photos of the holiday season! If you want to play along on Instagram, you can follow me HERE, and when you post a picture just hashtag it #makingChristmasCuter and also with the hashtag of what you are taking a photo of,(ie: if you are taking a photo of countdown, hashtag it #countdown).You can post your photos on your blogs, or Facebook, or Pinterest, or…wherever you want to share! Link back to this post if you want to show others what you’re doing, or feel free to use the graphic above in your post-just be sure to link it back to me! :)

I am posting this a couple weeks early so that you can think about what you might want to take photos of, but I will also post it on the last day of November so that we can all start on the first!

If you would like to download the image to print out, I have included it here in a 4×6 size so you can print it as a photo if you want and put inside your camera bag. Better yet, print it out and give to your kids with a kid friendly camera, or one of your old point and shoots to capture the season through their sweet and innocent little point of view!

Download Christmas Photo Scavenger Hunt Printable Here



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  1. kassarie says

    This is such a fun idea! And even more exciting to involve the kiddos! A Christmas photo book you add to every year would be lots o fun!