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Making the World Cuter | October 28, 2012

It’s the week of Halloween! I can’t believe October is already over. I decided to share this picture from my Instagram feed this week rather than…never mind I’m going to share the scary one too! It’s Halloween after all. So if you are looking for cute, look above and see if you can find all four of my cute kids in the Old Navy display…and if you’re looking for scary look below at the creepy mannequin that is in the window of one of the local parks buildings here.Seriously gives me the shivers.Creepy right? Happy Nightmares. You’re welcome.

The holiday season is pretty much here! That means a whole lot of cute stuff coming up I’m sure! I can’t wait to see everything cute and creative that you come up with.

Last week we had a lot of cute Halloween links, but this blouse over at Tales of a Trophy Wife really stood out and made me want to run to the fabric store! So this is the Cute and Pinworthy link this week!

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  1. linbouf says

    Thanks for another great party! We here in the Northeast are in the midst of a hurricane! Best wishes, Linda