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Organized School Room

Organized School Room

Our “school room” before this was just the nook with a couple desks and cheap book cases. Itwasn’tpretty and it was REALLY crowded. We spend most of our days in this tiny little space so I wanted it to be beautiful and organized. I never imagined it could look this good.My husband built the whole thing. Window seat with the cubbies underneath house all of the kids’ school books and the smaller shelf is for theirpencilboxes and journals. I have four kids and five cubbies so I usetheone in the middle for library books and a stool for my youngest to be able to climb up on the window seat.The desks are just shelves made out of melamine boards, and each one fits one of these adorable little chairs that he built using these plans.The cups I use to organize all of their supplies are from Ikea. I love these. The kids can take a cup down and put it on the desk while they are using it, and then easily hang it back up.The bins and the posters on the wall are all from the Dollar Tree. I love them for their school supplies, it makes it easy to change out the material several times throughout the year if necessary without breaking the bank. Right now I have ABC’s and Numbers up, but once my preschooler has those down I may move on to telling time or more maps.The bins are in Dollar Trees now and they have all sorts of sizes and fall colors. This is the biggest square size they have and I cleaned them out of their reds and purples. I was going to use the cubes from Target but a dollar vs six dollars…that is math I can do.I love that my kids have space to spread out and create or play with things like play dough. I am thinking I am going to paint the chairs, but I can’t decide if I should paint them all white to keep the clean look, or in fun colors to make it more playful. Thoughts? For now I am content with the natural look, but I know I’ll get antsy soon enough.The shelves on the side are all adjustable which is fantastic for a girl like me who changes her mind on a weekly basis.The only thing left to do, besides eventually paint the chairs, is make covers for the pillows…solids or patterns? Should I stick with reds and purples?I am just so happy with how it turned out!I can’t imagine making this space any more perfect for a school room. 

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  1. MelissaJenningsNewell says

    WOW This looks awesome. What a great bright loving space for them to learn – who wouldn’t want to!  Looks aweome – kuddos to the hubby!