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Making the World Cuter Monday | September 24, 2012

My little Oliver turned two on Sunday. He definitely makes my world cuter with his little curls and his “I wuv’s you’s” but I feel like I was just pregnant with this kid and now he is in the fullness of his terrible twos.

My baby boy

A few pictures from the last two days of birthday celebrations.

This little fella had a lot of sugar this weekend which is something he hasn’t been consuming for thepastcouple months since we started eating a Paleo/Primal diet at our house. It really didn’t help his tantrums and stubbornness.

I swear.

This kid.

Is crazy.

I have never had a kid who has been the definition of the terrible twos. His brothers and sister walk on eggshells around him just knowing that any second this kid could explode. His wrath has no bounds. He pulls hair, pokes eyes, hits, punches, scratches and screams so loud your ears will ring for weeks. We don’t let him get away with it. We put him in time outs. We talk to him once he calms down. We let him know he is still loved after he has a major melt down. To what end though?

He’s a bully and a terror…yet when he is in a good mood for those 2 or so hours a day that he isn’t screaming “MINE” or “NO”, he is the sweetest, silliest, cutest little guy. Luckily for him his brothers and sister still adore him and of course his mom and dad do too. His wrath is usually not directed at us though just the other little people who live in the house.

Any who…This is the cute and pinworthy link from last week! I love this easy to follow tutorial and the results are so dang cute!

Girls Knit Tunic from Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom

Be sure to pin this cute pattern for future use!

What’s making the world cuter where you are?

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  1. LindaNortje says

    Oliver sounds just fine ! Right in the age group he is in ūüėČ ¬†Thanks for hosting, Tiffany and have a great week!

  2. bakingblissful says

    New to this blogging thing-would appreciate any views or new followers, and comments/advice! -I linked up the Blueberry Cream Cheese Wafflewich. Such great ideas on here! Love it! :)
    Check out my latest recipe, review & giveaway @ 
    <a href=””>BakingBlissful</a>

  3. carissaR says

    I have a 2 year old too…it just boggles my mind how up and down they are! one day is great and the next is miserable. i can’t even imagine what potty training is going to be like…thanks for hosting

  4. PlayfulDecor says

    Hi Tiffany, Thank you for hosting! Gotta love the active little boys – I’ve got one too! Have a great week, Nan