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Fall Favorite- Connect the Dots

Fall Fashion 2012 | Polka Dots

Ready for Fall? I am. Already listening to your Christmas music? ……Oh wait, is that just me?Anyhoo,todayI want to share with you a super hot look in fall fashion that you have probably already seen all over the place by now.Polka Dots!Big or small, on clothing or accessories this bold style is fresh and also a little bit retro.To change a day-to-day outfit into something more trendy I have a few suggestions starting with sweaters:

Fall Fashion

Polka Dot Sweater


Bigdotson topandsolid on the bottom. So cute! Right now, Old Navy has the perfect sweater and J Crew has a great doted cardigan.

Fall Fashion


Next, dress it up:

Polka Dot Dress


The Pretty Woman polka dot dress has been given a face lift lately. Add a great pair of bright heels to a dress like this one from Top Shop and your good to go.

Fall Fashion Trend


Or mix and match texture and print by pairing a loose blousy top with a lacey pencil skirt. Ohhhh or a leather pencil skirt!Lastly, my current craze is on jeans:

Polka Dot Jeans


I just can’t get enough of them.

Pink Jeans


And if you are up for it, you can make yourself your own custom pair. Here’s a fun tutorial. I made a pair for my daughter and they make me smile every time she puts them on.

Ready to try it? Already doing it?

They aren’t just for Minnie Mouse anymore….Polka Dots are an easy way to add a little fun to your wardrobe all the while sticking to what is current in fashion.

What’s your favorite way to wear this hot trend?

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