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Basic Sewing Supplies

Are you wanting to learn to sew but don’t know where to start? New to sewing and not sure you have all of the necessary sewing essentials? Maybe you’re a seasoned seamstress who is wanting to pare down your overflowing supplies to just the basics…

Whatever the case may be, here are my suggestions for the supplies that every sewing box needs…

Basic Sewing Supplies

1. Pinking shears–These zig zag scissors are used to prevent your fabric from fraying.Ioften use them to finish my seams by cutting the seam with them and following up with a zig zag stitch along the edge.

2. A good pair of sewing scissors–My momma would never let us use her good sewing scissors on anything but fabric. Using them on other things will dull the blade. It’s a lesson I’ve carried with me. I’d love to find some nice pink ones, but for now my orange will do.

3. Snipping scissors–I’m not sure that this is the technical name for them, but that’s what I use them for. Snipping! They are handy to have by me when I need to quickly snip threads and other things.

4. Seam gauge–This is my three-year-old daughter’s favorite “sewing toy”. She is always grabbing it and saying, “Let me measure, mommy”. What a smart little cookie because that’s just what it does. It’s a great tool to have for measuring hems and seam allowances.

5. An assortment of sewing notions–Depending on the projects you’ll be tackling, it’s nice to have a plentiful supply of trims, buttons, and other odds and ends.

6. Measuring tape–The other sewing “toy” my daughter just can’t get enough of. I think this tool is pretty self explanatory.

7. Thread and bobbins–Make sure to use thread that coordinates nicely with your fabric. Can’t find an exact match? A good rule of thumb is that the thread will blend in better by going a shade darker.

8. Tracing paper and tracing wheel–These are used for marking your fabric and making patterns. Chalk pencils and fabric pens with washable ink are also great to have.

9. Seam ripper–Great for those times when you need a redo because it’s inevitable that mistakes will happen. These are also necessary for making buttonholes.

10. Pincushion and pins–These are a must. Click here for a little tutorial on making your own pincushion from a baby food jar.

11. An assortment of needles–Sewing machine needles and regular needles are both essential. Make sure you are using the right sewing machine needles for the fabric you are sewing with. When in doubt, use a universal 75/11 or 80/12 needle.

12. Elastic–The need for this basic supply may creep up more than you think, so make sure to have a nice supply.

For more sewing tips and tricks click here.

Happy Sewing!

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  1. AmieIrwin says

    Love your sewing box!  Such pretty fabric and I just love how neat and organized it is~
    Amie @ Pinkapotamus