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Back to School Journals

Our Back to School posts are just about done and I wanted to share one of our back to school projects that I make for my kids at the beginning of each school year.

Back to School Journals

I home school my kids and we always have journal time each day. I just use composition books and make them cuter. For the younger kids they write or draw something they are grateful for, or something they saw or learned that day. For my older one,she gets journal prompts from her lesson that she does writing assignments in her journal.On the first couple of pages I put some prompts that we fill out on the first day and then again on the last day.My stickers and embellishments came from some Becky Higgins scrapbook school kits that I bought a couple years ago for all of my kids. Since I don’t scrapbook anymore, I use a lot of the elements here. You could use other stickers, print some cute printables or just freehand any of this. For the covers I used wrapping paper I bought at Target. It’s just lined kraft paper.Finally for all the extra things that they accumulate throughout the school year that is worth keeping I put it all in these pockets that came with the kit. I know they have memory keeper type things just like this at places like Michaels. You could use big envelopes or make your own, but I love having everything in one spot for the year. I am very picky about what goes into each school year. At the end of the year it stores nicely in a box, and one day each of my kids will have 14 folders of their best work and cute school journals that they wrote in nearly every day.

What back to school traditions do you have?

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