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Back to School Fridge Calendar

This post was written for Making the World Cuter by Kassi Mortensen, our crafty friend of Truly LovelyBack to school means lots of activities, dates to remember, things to schedule in… I wanted one central place I could write down events coming up during the month so I scoured the stores for a dry erase calendar to put on my fridge…What I found was that none of the stores had one big enough that was also magnetic… So… I do what all good crafters do in that situation… ;) I made my own!Here’s how you can make your own Magnetic Fridge Calendar in three easy steps!

Back to School Fridge Calendar

1. Materials needed: Large dry erase calendar, a packet of magnetic strips (found in the craft dept. of most stores), some super glue or heavy duty craft glue2. Attach your magnetic strips to the back of the calendar. The strips I used were sticky backed, but I wanted to make sure they were really stuck on there, so I dabbed some super glue on as well.3. Hang it on your fridge!That’s it! Super easy, inexpensive and exactly what I needed to keep track of the month ahead!Happy crafting friends!!!! And happy back to school! ;)

Now It’s Your Turn!How do you keep organized during the school year? Share your tips in the comments!

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