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Pretty Pleats, The Accordion Skirt

How to Wear Accordion Skirts

Hello again Lovely’s! Ever since the Accordion Skirt came on the scene last spring I have started a collection! I love all these pretty pleats. This skirt is so fun because it can be worn in so many ways on almost any body type. And lets not forget about comfort. They have been my summer heat go-to outfit. Can I show you the dress that started my pleat obsession??

Green Accordion Dress

Image via

I die.Ifyouknow me, you know I LOVE dresses and skirts and would wear them all of the time, so when I discovered how cute the Accordion Skirt can be I took a trip down to my favie thrift shop and found about 3 dresses from the early 70’s that had an accordion bottom. I ran right home and cut, stitched and hemmed those dresses right into a knee length Accordion skirt and 2 Maxi skirts.Here are some more examples of how cute these skirts can be worn.

Accordion Skirt

Full length Accordion Skirt

Image from Like a Princess by Kuka

THIS one is a bright Maxi paired with a blousy top and a thick belt!
Mint Green Accordion Skirt

Image via

THIS one is a combo of 2 of my favorite things… a striped T and mint. Can’t go wrong. And I love that the skinny belt is bringing the color.
Mid length Accordion Skirt

Image via

One of the cutest girls EVER is killing THIS next one, and with her legs she totally pulls of the Midi length skirt. Such a great combo adding a jacket and amazing boots.
Knee Length Accordion Skirt

Image via

THIS last one is a knee length. Accordion skirts are just such a great representation of summer with the flowiness (is that a word?) and because they are so light and fun.

Now It’s Your Turn!

So, have you tried them?? Dressed them up or maybe worn them with your best T and sandals? I dare you, you’ll be hooked. Share in the comments!

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  1. Mary Ellen Stansky says

    I <3 accordian pleats as well! But you really rock them! Thanks for encouraging me to be more daring instead of worrying I am a middle aged woman trying to pull it (the look) off!!
    Mary Ellen

  2. says

    If you cast the net of research farther than arm’s length, you’ll find men wearing skirts, presenting as men, in skirts with up to four hundred (400) pleats. See on Google “fustanella 400 pleats.” Skirts are as much a sex difference as pants; meaning, no difference at all. Reasoning by association creates mythology. Men gave up skirts because of pants being invented for horseback riding; but that doesn’t make skirts female in the same sense as bras. In classical Greece and Rome, neither sex wore a trouser. Emperor Theodosius I exiled men in pants from Rome in AD393. The reason? Men in pants were political subversives—Rome suffered a major defeat 15 years earlier at Adrianople—to trousered cavalrymen. But it was the horses, not the pants, that won the day for the “barbarians.”

  3. Jaime says

    I’m sure you would look just ravishing in a pleated skirt Charles!! Thanks for the interesting comment!