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Photoshop Actions: Making Photoshop User Friendly

This post was written for Making the World Cuter by professional photographer Heather Palmer.
Hello friends!With my professional & personal photos, I am often asked questions about how I process my photos to give them that crisp, colourful look or that creamy black & white conversion. As a photographer (& momtographer), Adobe Photoshop can be a precious tool in assisting all of us with colour correction, exposure, sharpening and other amazing tricks. The sky is the limit! However,it’salso an extremely complex and at times, difficult to use program if you aren’t familiar with it. Photoshop comes in versions ranging from Elements (more user friendly) to the CS versions that are more complex and powerful…but any and all versions are valuable and affordable photography tools!A great way to start using these programs, is by getting in the know with Photoshop Actions!!! Actions are available for CS & Element versions of Photoshop, and are a great way to dive into the world of editing. They can help you achieve the photo effects you want with very little knowledge of the program. Actions can also save you a TON of processing time if you have several photos to edit.Photoshop actions are a number of pre-recorded steps that are used to create a certain effect (colour pop, airbrushing, black and white, etc). They are so effective that often you just have to open a photo, select the action or effect you want, and press PLAY! Photoshop then runs through the prerecorded commands, doing all of the work for you while you sit back and enjoy the show.Another great thing about actions is that you can open them up to view the steps used. You can pick them apart and examine the methods the creator pre-recorded. This is a fabulous way to walk yourself through and learn how to perform some of the commands that are provided & recorded step-by-step inside the action.If you are already familiar with photoshop, actions can also be applied to an entire folder of photos so your processing can be completed while you fold laundry, make coffee or play with your little ones.To learn more about actions, and how they work, feel free to check out my action site, Lollys Playground!

Now It’s Your Turn!Have you played with actions at all? What do you love about them?

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