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Today You are YOU! Dr Seuss Printable

This cute printable was created for Making the World Cuter by contributor Erika Senneff of Oops! I Craft My Pants.Sometimes reading blogs leaves me feeling inadequate.Too many times, I find myself comparing myself to other bloggers. I let my mind fill with ridiculous thoughts like “I wish I could write as well as _____” or, “I wish I had a perfect life like ______ does” or, “Look at how cute her clothes are. I will never have clothes that cute.” Poor me. Poor me. Poor me.It’s ridiculous!Luckily, Dr Seuss steps in and reminds me that it’s okay to be original and it’s okay to be different than every other blogger out there in blogland. And mostly? It’s okay to me me!

Dr Seuss Quote Printable

Today You are You Quote by Dr. Seuss

Download this printable here.

Now It’s Your Turn!Do you ever find yourself comparing yourself to other bloggers, or friends? Do you need to hang this reminder somewhere in your home?

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    That’s so true! SOmetimes I visit other blogs and can’t help but feel bad for my “food pictures” LOL! and I start thnking “if I had this or that camera” or “more money for pans, pots and ingredients, fancy plates, cups and/or ingredients” but I then think about it and come back to my senses (LOL!) and remember that I blog because I like it and I blog about the things I live daily! And I am actually happy I have the opportunity to write about my simple life! … thanks for posting about this and reminding me about it today! … (I loved the “I craft my pants” name! -snort- )