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North Star Games-Fan Contest

My good friends over at North Star Games contacted me to tell me about a super fun contest they have going on starting today! They asked me to share it with you…

North Star Games

North Star Games Party GamesYou may remember that I did a review for a couple of their games not so very long ago, you should go check it out if you haven’t played these games before, so you can see how they are played a bit.What they want from you is; over on their Facebook page is for Making the World Cuter fans to submit your questions for one (or more) of their three games. If your question is chosen then you will have your picture, name and question printed on a special edition pack and possibly even future print editions of their games. It will also let everyone know that you are a Making the World Cuter fan, so how fun is that? I know I have the most talented and cutest readers in the world so make me proud!Say Anything Game CardThere are three different North Star Games that you can enter questions for…

Say Anything

Say Anything GameThe card above is an example of Say Anything questions, they can really be about anything!

Wits & Wagers

Wits & Wagers GameThis is the game where you have to guess a number, so the questions need to have a number as the answer, such as a year, number of points scored, how many of just about anything…you know like how many kinds of lip gloss does the average girl have in her purse…I have 8. What?!?! Why?!? And I keep buying more. Is that just me?

Crappy Birthday

Crappy Birthday Game

This game I haven’t gotten a chance to play yet, but it looks like lots of fun! You choose the gift from your hand you think “the birthday boy/girl” would hate the most. Sounds like fun! So come up with a gift you would hate to receive…or better yet, share a horrible gift that you have actually received!


The best questions will be printed on the special edition packs-and the winners will receive ALL THREE!

To enter just head over to North Star Games Facebook page and enter your question, or birthday gift into the contest, and BE SURE to tell them that Making the World Cuter sent you!

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